Leaving very much a risk

In his rather opprobrious criticism of Gillian Telford's previous letter, Trevor Kerby (August 16) mentioned that Gillian assumed everybody who voted to leave the EU was an idiot.

She was probably voicing the thoughts of millions from around the globe, who still can’t believe the majority of Brits have voted themselves out of the world’s biggest free trade market and thereby, made their own population poorer.

Mr Kerby said some people had the impression Nissan is the only company in the city. No, they don’t.

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In fact they realise how Nissan’s success has attracted other firms.

However, Nissan’s importance to Sunderland shouldn’t be underestimated. With its large workforce and thousands more in its supply chain, the city depends on the continued success of the car factory.

For it to go belly up for whatever reason would mean a serious setback for the local economy.

It would bring disastrous consequences that Sunderland never experienced since the 80s.

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This was when the Tories closed down all our local industries.

Then we were helped by the EU Regional Aid Fund, which will cease when we leave.

The beauty of the scheme was the EU sent the money direct to regional authorities and bypassed central government. Otherwise the local areas wouldn’t have seen any cash.

Mrs Thatcher’s objection was overruled.

Mr Kerby ranted on about non elected governments. He could have been talking about ours.

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Does he consider it democratic for 199 MPs to choose a Prime Minister? Well it’s happened with Theresa May.

My calculator registers just 0.0004% of those on the electoral roll were invited to vote.

The good news is our low percentage still places our democracy marginally higher than North Korea.

W Quinn