Latest memorial stones in Sunderland Veterans' Walk are unveiled as former war correspondent Kate Adie hails city as 'unique'

The latest memorial stones as part of Sunderland's Veterans' Walk have been unveiled as a lasting tribute to Wearside's fallen.

By David Allison
Saturday, 01 June, 2019, 12:21

Phase six of the project at the city's war memorial in Mowbray Park has now been completed and revealed to the general public.

The honours were done by the Mayor of Sunderland Councillor David Snowdon, former BBC war correspondent Kate Adie and Tom and Carla Cuthbertson, whose son Nathan died while serving in Afghanistan in 2008 aged just 19.

The wall, the first of its kind in the UK to honour living people who serve in the Army, Navy, RAF and Merchant Navy, was officially launched in 2016.

The latest stones the detail the service records of dozens of servicemen and women from Sunderland, with some of those featured still serving.

Kate, who was raised in Sunderland and is now a patron of the National Veterans' Walk, said: "We have special occasions for remembrance but for a city to do this here in Sunderland shows that we remember all year round.

"The people of the city are doing something unique and they are keeping things alive, raising money and endlessly reminding us that we must remember them.

The next phase of the Veterans' Walk in Mowbray Park was unveiled on Saturday.

"This is Sunderland as a city doing something very special and it's just brilliant."

Tom told the Echo: "There is history behind each and every stone which is what I think makes it so important.

"We've got each part of the Armed Forces represented because it should be.

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"There are people still serving and people who have died in conflict on here and they'll be remembered forever."

Kate Adie, pictured with standard bearers, after the ceremony.

Rob Deverson, who joined together with Tom to help set up the walk, said: "It's always amazing how quickly time goes as we had our last unveiling for the walk about six months ago and it feels like five minutes.

"It's something that Tom and I take a lot of pride in because we know how much it means to the families of people who have served and are serving.

"The project is something that continues to grow through word of mouth and as we are effectively a charity we rely on that."

The next phase in the project is due to be unveiled in November this year.

Memorial stones featured on phase six of the Veterans' Walk.

Anyone wanting to find out more about buying a stone on the walk should go to

Nathan Cuthbertson, who died aged 19 while serving in Afghanistan in 2008.
From left, Kate Adie, Rob Deverson, Carla and Tom Cuthbertson and the unveiling of the latest phase of the Veterans' Walk.