Katie Bulmer-Cooke: Be inspired to take care of your health and fitness

Like most people, I spend a fair amount of time using social media, and as a lover of all things fitness, I always like trying out new YouTube video workouts and browsing fitness accounts on Instagram.
Katie getting in some exercise.Katie getting in some exercise.
Katie getting in some exercise.

But I’m increasingly concerned by the way fitness is presented to the general public, in particular the way it is influencing and even inspiring our younger generation on social media.

Inspiration is everywhere in the world of health and fitness. You can be inspired on social media, in the gym or by people you know who have achieved great things.

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Wherever you find your inspiration is very individual, and it’s certainly important to keep it that way.

I’ve been exercising regularly for as long as I can remember, and caring about the quality and nutritional content of my food for over a decade.

I’ve never yo-yo dieted, or been up and down with my weight, I’ve always employed the approach of moderation and consistency.

This mindset and outlook on health and fitness came from my biggest inspiration when it comes to all round wellbeing, my mam.

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She has worked in the industry for more than 30 years, and has even been a national aerobics athlete and champion, but no matter what, she’s always taught me to have a sensible approach to a healthy lifestyle.

While there is #fitinspo all over social media, and ever increasing pressure to look, eat, train and even take selfies a certain way, I’ve always tried to maintain what my mam has always instilled in me ... that fitness is more than aesthetics and all the superficial stuff!

Watching my mam teach her fitness classes as I grew up, I quickly realised that fitness has a much greater depth to it. It brings people together, makes them feel good about themselves and improves their health.

Exercise and eating well improves mental health, physical health and provides opportunity to meet new people, socialise and make you smile.

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After working in fitness for more than 15 years, I’ve seen people make new friends, find lifelong hobbies, massively improve their health and well being, and so much more.

Yes, I’ve seen countless people lose weight and decrease their body fat percentage, but alongside that, it’s essential that mind-set and self-esteem becomes more positive too.

While the world we live in increasingly moves towards fitness and aesthetics having a stronger association, it’s important not to put ourselves under undue pressure and instead focus on fitness enhancing your life and not dominating it.

In a nutshell, find a type of fitness you love (there is a vast choice of activities, and great trainers in Sunderland), look after your body, and be consistent ... and you won’t go far wrong.