Join the 400 and step back in time for Wearside memories

We just love stepping back in time at Wearside Echoes '“ and now we're doing it on social media as well.
Binns in 1962 in Sunderland.Binns in 1962 in Sunderland.
Binns in 1962 in Sunderland.

The Wearside Echoes Facebook group is up, running and open for more members to join. So far, 400 of you have already joined the group which has a daily supply of new posts.

Some relate to old Sunderland Echo stories which have been given another airing. Other posts show photographs from years gone by.

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And each comes with a chance for group members to have their say and contribute to memories of times gone by.

There’s also an opportunity for people to share their own nostalgic photographs and quite a few of you have already done that. For example, thanks to Sam Priestess who shared a photograph from 45 years ago.

It shows Sam with her ‘beloved gran’ on FA Cup Final day in 1973.

Sam recalled: “She stood in the kitchen all day and baked as she said her nerves couldn’t take watching the match! I think that’s where I get it from.”

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Wearside Echoes followers loved it so much, they gave it more than 50 likes. And Sam added: “I was only 3 but I do remember my gran standing in the kitchen baking all afternoon – scones, pies, cakes.

“I also remember my grandad (who was a typical dour Scotsman) going mental and dancing round the living room with my mam when Sunderland scored. The photo was taken after the match.”

Our thanks go to Sam for a great reminder of a great day and we hope it encourages other people to send in their own photos on any aspect of Wearside and County Durham nostalgia.

Another aim of the page is to encourage followers to share their own reminders of the photographs we publish.

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Among the many topics we have already covered are some which got a huge response. Here’s a few;

l Lots of you remembered Lambton Lion Park, including Steven Logan who commented: “It used to do a roaring trade.”

l A reminder of a comedian many of you thought was the best there’s ever been – Bobby Thompson. You loved him and Bill Walton said: “My mam and dad saw him a few times and his record was played nearly every Christmas.”

l A feature which focused on Sunderland’s former department stores got a big response.

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Janey Maw said: “I used to work in Binns, on the Revlon counter.”

Daren Simpson recalled “Binns defo” and added: “My first Pringle jumper.”

Pamela Rosenthal said: “Christmas at Joplings magical” while Anthony Mackintosh said: “Santa’s grotto in Liverpool House it was the best.”

Lilian Anderson recalled, Blacketts and Binns – adding: “Saturday outings to town.”

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And Pauline Johnson told us: “I used to go to Woolworths for Mam to buy biscuits and cakes then to Binns for loose butter.”

Wearside Echoes have also loved our reminders of the old pubs of Sunderland and one post about The Old Twenty Nine attracted lots of comments. Colin Webster and Neil Chapman recalled some of the bands who played there including the Angelic Upstarts and Toy Dolls – and lots of you recalled the sticky carpets.

Yet while we have enjoyed some great responses from readers, there’s plenty more where that came from and watch out for lots more posts in the weeks to come.

But Wearside Echoes isn’t just there for you to react to our posts. We want yours as well. Which items of nostalgia would you like us to feature.

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Is there an event in Sunderland’s history you would like us to feature? Is there an old school, pub, hotel, restaurant, shop or group you would like us to feature?

Or perhaps you have some old photographs you would like to share with us.

We want to hear from even more people interested in joining the Wearside Echoes group and all you have to do is go to the page on Facebook and submit a request to join.

We look forward to hearing from you!