Joan Hoggett death: Listen to 999 call that friend of killer Ethan Mountain makes to police after he stabbed shop worker Joan Hoggett

Police have released a recording of the phone call Ethan Mountain's friend made to officers after the teenager stabbed shop worker Joan Hoggett to death.

By Reporter
Wednesday, 13 March, 2019, 10:51

Today, police released audio of the phone call Mountain's friend made to police after he turned up at his pal's house and confessed he had stabbed someone.

Ethan Mountain, the One Stop shop where Joan Hoggett worked and a sheath recovered by police in Roker Park that may have held a weapon used in the killing of Joan Hoggett

The call went as follows...

FRIEND: Hello is this the police?

POLICE: This is the police. How can I help?

Joan Hoggett

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FRIEND: Hiya, my friend's been in an incident. He's got mental health issues. He said he stabbed someone and has turned up outside my house. We're currently in Whitburn Park car park. He's got blood all over him and he's cut himself a lot.

POLICE: He's turned up at your address saying he's stabbed someone and then...

FRIEND: He's turned up outside my house with the blood all over him. I thought he'd got into a street fight or something so I said 'come out, we'll go for a walk and talk about it on the walk' and he's explained the whole situation. I know where everything is and what's happened.

POLICE: So where has the original incident happened?

FRIEND: It happened in One Stop on Fulwell Road (Sea Road).