Jeremy Corbyn's 10 pledges to 'transform and rebuild Britain'

These are Jeremy Corbyn's 10 pledges to "transform and rebuild Britain" and the details behind them:
Jeremy CorbynJeremy Corbyn
Jeremy Corbyn

1. Full employment and an economy that works for all:

Creating 1 million "good quality" jobs throughout the country and guaranteeing "a decent job for all". Investing £500 million in infrastructure, manufacturing and new industries backed by a publicly-owned National Investment Bank and regional banks.

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2. A secure homes guarantee:

Building 1 million new homes in five years, including at least 500,000 council homes. Introducing rent controls, secure tenancies and a charter of private tenants' rights. Increasing access to affordable home ownership.

3. Security at work:

Stronger employment rights from day one in a job. An end to exploitative zero-hours contracts. Mandatory collective bargaining for companies with 250 or more employees. New employment and trade union rights.

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4. Secure our NHS and social care:

Ending health service privatisation. Integrating the NHS and social care for older and disabled people.

5. A National Education Service, open to all:

Establishing a new National Education Service to deliver lifelong learning for all. Universal public childcare. The progressive restoration of free education for all. A guarantee of quality apprenticeships and adult skills training.

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6. Action to secure our environment:

Taking "our fair share" of action to meet the Paris climate agreement and meeting Climate Change Act goals. Accelerating the transition to a low-carbon economy, and investing in public and community-owned renewable energy. Curbing energy bill rises for households.

7. Put the public back into our economy and services:

Rebuilding public services and expanding democratic participation. "Insourcing" of public and local council services. Expansion of the publicly-controlled bus network. Bringing railways into public ownership and build democratic social control over our energy.

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8. Cut income and wealth inequality:

A progressive tax system "so that wealth and the highest earners are fairly taxed". Action against "executive pay excess". Shrinking the gap between the highest and lowest paid, acting to create a more equal society, boost the incomes of the poorest and close the gender pay gap.

9. Action to secure an equal society:

Ensuring that the human rights of all citizens are respected and all are protected from discrimination and prejudice. Defending the Human Rights Act and guaranteeing full rights for EU citizens living and working in Britain.

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10. Peace and justice at the heart of foreign policy:

Putting conflict resolution and human rights at the heart of foreign policy, committing to work through the United Nations, end support for aggressive wars of intervention and back effective action to alleviate the refugee crisis. Honouring international treaty obligations on nuclear disarmament and encouraging others to do the same.