Jack Ross on the pre-season meeting that highlighted his management approach

Jack Ross has put communication and unity at the heart of his Sunderland rebuild.

Tuesday, 21st August 2018, 8:29 am
Updated Tuesday, 21st August 2018, 8:30 am
Sunderland manager Jack Ross.

The Black Cats have made an encouraging start to the season, implementing a new playing style that has so far thrilled supporters and players alike.

Ross has also been keen to make an impression off the pitch and key to that has been ensuring all aspects of the club are brought together.

The Sunderland boss has revealed that he held a meeting with all staff before the season began to get his message across.

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“I think that, at the previous jobs I’ve gone into, the initial ones were material changes I could implement to the environment,” he revealed.

“Whereas coming in here, materially there’s not a lot you can do because it’s so good.

“But there were probably changes on the human side that we could correct, in terms of how we communicate with people around the club.

“And that’s throughout the whole club. Primarily at the Academy of Light for me because that’s where I spend the bulk of my time, but that’s something we’ve worked hard at.

“Then naturally, from the playing side, how we get across our ideas of how we work in a relatively short period of time,” he added.

“The level of support I’ve had from all around the club has been outstanding.

“People that genuinely want this club to do well and have responded very well to how my staff and I go about our work.

“I had a brief meeting with the staff before the Chartlon game – and that included all the staff, from cleaning staff to ground staff to kitchen staff and so on.

“I wanted to thank them for that support and that’s something which has been hugely encouraging to me.

“It’s important to recognise that as well because, if we are going to be successful this season, they will play as an important part as anybody on my side or the playing side.”