'It's got nothing to do with diesel and everything to do with Brexit': 11 things you said about Nissan confirming X-Trail won't be built in Sunderland

Echo readers have been reacting the news, confirmed today, that Nissan WON'T be building the next-generation X-Trail at its plant in Sunderland.

Sunday, 3rd February 2019, 11:57 am
Updated Thursday, 7th February 2019, 16:10 pm
Nissan has confirmed that the next-generation X-Trail SUV will be built in Japan, not Sunderland.

The car-maker said back in 2016 that the SUV car would be produced on Wearside after receiving assurances from the Government.

Nissan has confirmed that the next-generation X-Trail SUV will be built in Japan, not Sunderland.

Here's a selection of comments left by readers on our Facebook page.

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Peter Morris said: "Nissan has been in Sunderland 30 years,all of those with the UK as a EU member. No one knows the future, but with the UK outside of the customs union, Sunderland Nissan will be wound down. It might take a few years, but Sunderland will get no more new models, and will miss out on the electric vehicle boom."

Adam Smith said: "Any cutbacks in any jobs should be reserved for the Brexiteers who voted for it."

James Hudson: "They're moving production to an EU country not stopping production. It's got nothing to do with diesel and everything to do with Brexit.

Nissan says production of existing models at its Sunderland plant will not be affected.

Anthony Lafferty: "If it wasn't for Nissan, Sunderland would be £3billion a year worse off. And as for handouts off the government at the taxpayers' expense just remember how much tax Nissan and its workforce put back in."

Related: Nissan confirms new X-Trail will NOT be built at Sunderland plant - and says Brexit 'uncertainty' is not helpingStephen J Scales: "Cars are designed, assembly lines are built, the car is made. The whole process takes at least 10 years. This decision is nothing to do with the transient economic woes of Italy, China or anywhere else. It's about being able to import components and not have them wait on the dockside for days until customs inspections take place."

James Ferry: "Is it me or does this sound familiar? Nissan: 'We are going to blah! 'Government: 'Here, have some free taxpayers' money to not blah!' It’s getting quite old this now."

Gary Graham: "It’s nothing to do with Brexit and was never confirmed to be built in Sunderland. It’s not going to affect the 7,000 workers at the plant. More Remaining scare tactics."

Related: 'I will ask the Government to intervene' - MP reacts to reports that Nissan could 'cancel production of X-Trail car in Sunderland'Phillip Harrison: "Even if Nissan were to close completely there's plenty of other unskilled jobs out there, I don't know why people are getting so worked up..."

Alan Pearson: "Don't fall for it we will survive. They only want us, the taxpayer, to fill their pockets once again."

Mo White: "If Sunderland MP's had been united in supporting the will of the electorate instead of causing doubt and fear, maybe, just maybe, Nissan and others would feel more comfortable. These people should be deselected and if not, not voted for next time."

Andrew Yule: "Us Project Fear-spreading Remoaner snowflakes can say:"It's schadenfreude time, folks!"