It's democracy at work

In reply to W Quinn's letter commenting on my recent letter about the Brexit vote.

He can even read people’s minds as well, stating that Gillian Telford was probably speaking for millions around the world.

Perhaps there are many people worldwide that has wondered why we have not left before now but that is only an assumption on my part.

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What he may not know is that Nissan had the golden carrot dangled in front of them to come here.

They were lured here by the Thatcher government and looked upon favourably. I wonder how many foreign firms had that same advantage.

It makes me wonder how we ever survived pre EU.

Lets hope the NHS, Royal Mail, and other large companies keep going or we really will be in trouble.

He mentions money from the EU subsidising projects. We have put in more than our fair share. Theresa May was put in by her party as its head but her government was democratically elected by the British people.

That is something we can change next General Election.

Europe however is a different story.

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I don’t have his calculator to work with and I am not a statistician.

People have the right to vote whichever way suits them.

Like it or not that’s democracy.

Mr T Kerby

Brinkburn Crescent,

Houghton le Spring,

via email