It's a dad's life: It appears I'm trendy, living in a pink world

There is no getting away from the fact that I live in a world of pink. That's right, the colour associated with femininity, romance and sensitivity is everywhere I look.
Is everything is your world turning pink?Is everything is your world turning pink?
Is everything is your world turning pink?

Apart from my springer spaniel Ralph, I’m the only male in the house.

I live with my fiancée Serena and our two daughters Caitlin and Alyssa.

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But the colour that fills the bedrooms of my two daughters and beyond has been given quite a makeover.

I think it all started a couple of years ago with Apple naming the colour of one of their iPhones Rose Gold.

It soon became clear that this colour was, in fact, pink.

Apparently, in 2017, the world’s catwalks have models striding up and down in colours including dusky rose and millennial pink.

But it’s now the boys and men of the world who are being seen in the colour.

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Second in line to the throne Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge, wasn’t afraid to embrace the really bright colour on an overseas trip with his wife Catherine where he was pictured wearing a pink T-shirt.

Mega-famous Hollywood star Will Smith chose to wear a smart checked shirt with a polka dot tie, both in the colour of pink.

And even footballing hero David Beckham can often be seen with a bright pink scarf around his neck at this time of year to keep himself warm.

So it seems the common opinion that blue is for boys and pink for girls just isn’t true any more, and it’s even being said that there are advantages to men wearing pink.

These include standing out from the crowd.

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Apparently, the colour makes you appear more confident, goes well with all other colours and is seen as the most versatile.

But it doesn’t stop there. There are health benefits too with tests showing that staring at the colour pink can lower your heart rate.

So maybe I shouldn’t long for a man shed at the end of the garden when I’m surrounded by pink.

I need to embrace the bright colour brought into my world by the three females with whom I live.

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But this is 2017, so from now on I’ll refer to it as rose gold and of course if I’m stressed out and my heart is pumping a little too fast, I know what to do.

Apparently, pink makes you appear more confident, is the most versatile and can lower your heart rate.