How Sunderland fans reacted to owner Ellis Short's relegation apology

Sunderland fans have been reacting on social media to owner Ellis Short's statement after the Black Cats' luck finally ran out.
Fans have reacted to owner Ellis Short's statement after Sunderland's relegation.Fans have reacted to owner Ellis Short's statement after Sunderland's relegation.
Fans have reacted to owner Ellis Short's statement after Sunderland's relegation.

David Moyes' side lost 1-0 at home to Bournemouth yesterday, which confirmed their relegation from the Premier League.

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The American tycoon admitted in a statement afterwards that mistakes have been made during his tenure and that player recruitment has been a major factor in the club's demise.

Here's how fans reacted on Facebook to what Short said.Steve Brooker: "Well now Short needs to rectify problem. He seen what Newcastle did when relegated. They had a good manager, we need one, and spend money. Do not expect that because we are possibly the biggest club in the Championship next season that we will go straight back up. The need to outlay money to recruit best possible players is needed."

Keith Hood: "The man should hang his head in shame before leaving the club forever. I remember when he first came, 'relegation battles are a thing of the past ' , he said. Since then he has done absolutely NOWT apart from watch lucky survival scraps every season without learning anything from them. Clueless and with no ambition for the club whatsoever. It's worse now than the Tom Cowie era."

John Brown: "The future looks bleak, we were the worst team in the Premier League, and have been very lucky to stay in ite as long as we did.The writing was on the cards for years, but nothing was done about it. Under the present regime more relegations can follow."

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Paul Christie: "These are just words he thinks us as fans want to hear. Start to correct these mistakes by sacking David Moyes tonight. Show you really mean to turn this around and that your words aren't meaningless."

Louise Rachel McElroy: " Quite simple Short ... sell up and get lost! You've been nothing but a waste of space for years now. We want passion, drive, support and a pro-active chairman. The club and fans worldwide deserve that at least and they're the qualities I am yet to see. Time to move over."

Mark Harris: "It's been nothing but mistakes. From falling out with Keane, to not sacking Moyes at Christmas, with hiring agents as directors of football along the way. Useless."

Matthew Pearson: "To be fair Short has spent more than any other chairman we have had. Last season we were the seven-highest-spending club in the Prem over 5 years. The club was in debt when he took over. To say get him out is short sighted. If he goes the club will be more in debt, and who's to say a new owner would spend any more? He's finally put his hands up and admitted we've wasted money on poor players."

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Seaburn Rob commented on our website: "Yes, mistakes have been made in the past, but after Sam's recruitment and turnaround last season I thought we were on our way forward. Enter Moyes and he destroyed everything Sam had done. Team spirit gone. His recruitment terrible. Tactics non-existent. After his relegation comments in August we were on a losing battle. West Ham away was there to be won but his negativity got us a 0-1 defeat. Again we should of lost against Bournemouth away and Hull at home, but somehow we got lucky wins and he kept his job. If Moyes stays he will ruin this club even more and needs to be forced out. I for one will not return until he has gone, which is something i have never done, even throughout the dark days of the old Third Division and the Gillingham defeat."Samsonthecat added: "Mistakes have been made with player recruitment? A bit of an inaccurate statement me things, for mistakes seem to have been made on a far grander scale, ie managerial and other appointments. In fact the whole show has been more or less ONE BIG MISTAKE since the day we arrived back in the EPL in 2007. I just hope that lessons are learned from these many mistakes, and those responsible hand over the reigns to a more competent hierarchy etc., before the current mess becomes unfixable/the club unmanageable."

And Silvers said: "Nice of him to mention the folks the club have made redundant this week and wish them well...oh did he omit that? Still, never mind, we've got the manager he always wanted."