Ha'way back when:

We asked for your memories of former Sunderland striker Kenwyne Jones. Here's what you said:

Wednesday, 18th October 2017, 3:15 pm
Updated Monday, 11th December 2017, 4:59 pm
Kenwyne Jones.

Gregg Arundel: Plenty of happy memories about this fella coupled with the odd frustrating one but my current outlook on him is at 33, he would be a genuine marked improvement on anyone we have in the squad today up front al la Vaughan and Grabban!

Stephen Hubber: Sign him up. He’d still score in the Championship.

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Colin Branthwaite: Good on his day but seemed only to play when he felt like it. Too laid back.

Darren Fish: Was class. Pity about the injury that changed his career in a stupid friendly against England.

Michael Napier: Bullying Distin & I think Sol Campbell in a game against Portsmouth, set Richardson up for 2 goals, unplayable.

Chris Andrews: He was never the same after that injury, he never had the best attitude anyway, so when he lost it a bit he didn’t have the determination to make up for that.

Keith Murta: SAFC were on a steady upward curve,until Bruce,in his wisdom decided we were better off without him. We’ve been on a downward curve from that day.

Col Peptron: I loved that guy! Never forget the day he bossed, smashed and bullied John Terry off the park,we lost 2-3, but we relegated u-know-who that day, as per usual. xxx

Keith Irving: I remember John Terry claiming that on his day, he was unplayable. Bags of talent; maybe not fully realised. Typical Sunderland - another ‘nearly’ story.

Marc Pennock: I remember I think it was against arsenal, and the ball was going out of play for a goal kick and a defender was shepherding it out of play then all of a sudden Jones ran as fast as I’ve ever saw about 20 yards and took the ball off him, can’t remember if it led to a goal but I remember thinking how did he get that ball haha.

Anthony Ruddick: Only 33, bring him back.

He’ll probably contribute more than Vaughan. One of the few players we have bought and sold for a profit.