'˜Happy times' on the buses of Sunderland's past

What a great service you gave us when we asked you for your Wearside bus memories.

Friday, 9th March 2018, 1:23 pm
Updated Friday, 9th March 2018, 1:25 pm
The Union Street bus station.

And those recollections show no signs of easing up.

The latest to remind us of his past on the roads was Bill Chambers, who said: “I was a conductor on the blue buses at Phili in the early 1960s.”

A Corporation bus in 1973.

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Bill described them as “happy times” and said it was a “great place to be”.

He added: “I had the good fortune to have worked with some of the best drivers at philli ... Charlie Napier, Bob Carruthers, Morris Patton to name a few.”

Bill also recalled: “Tot Brannen was manager, a canny bloke.

“Had load of good times and laughs and met some characters who used the buses.

Bill Chambers recalled the days of the bus conductor.

“I wont forget my time there or the great drivers and conductors.

“They were a pretty special group of people and its a shame we don’t have conductors now.”

Who agrees and who remembers the days of the conductor? Get in touch and tell us more by emailing [email protected]

We got this all started a few weeks ago when we described how the Economic bus rose to fame in Sunderland and asked for your own Wearside transport memories.

Bus conductresses in Sunderland in 1940.

Others who responded, on social media, included Jacqueline Taylor, who said: “My parents worked “on the buses” from 1953 til 1956. Dad was a driver ,Mam was a conductress. My Mam’s mam was a driver on the trams during the 1914-18 war. In Sunderland. My Nana we one of five ladies who were ‘drivers’.”

Vera Walton said she had lovely memories of her mam’s brother ‘Uncle Ernie’ working in a bus depot and recalled: “As children we used to look for him each time we passed x.”

We’ve loved your responses and we would love to hear from even more people with memories of bus services gone by – and the days of the conductor. Email [email protected]

A Corporation bus in 1973.
Bill Chambers recalled the days of the bus conductor.
Bus conductresses in Sunderland in 1940.