Grieving widower's hospital parking fine slammed

Sunderland Echo readers have slammed a hospital parking fine imposed on a grieving widower.

Monday, 13th August 2018, 12:08 pm
Updated Monday, 13th August 2018, 12:13 pm
William Parkinson with the parking fine he received while rushing to his dying wife's hospital bedside.

The penalty was given on widower William Parkinson after he forgot to buy a parking ticket while rushing to his dying wife's hospital bedside.

Mr Parkinson, 82, from Cleadon, whose wife, Jeanette, 80, died before he arrived, was initially fined up to £70 by Parking Eye.

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His ordeal still prompted anger from the majority of readers responding to our story on our Facebook page.

Catherine Stockdale said: "How awful for this poor man, parking should be free at hospitals, no-one is ever going to be there for a jolly day out

Kelly Teasdale replied: "Was thinking the exact same thing. Poor bloke. That will have been the last thing on his mind."

Tracey Botham added: "Think parking should be scraped all together night and day. Last thing you need to do is find change and be worrying about getting a ticket when you have got someone ill in hospital. Should be free parking no matter what."

Billy Potts said: "Parking charges should only be enforced during the normal working 8.00-6.00 hours and free for anyone receiving regular treatment."

Debra Riley added: "Hospitals should have free parking. You are not there for a laugh, you there for a reason

Gary Anderson continued: "Everyone that’s in hospital should be able to get a one token for a family member or themselves to park.

Terry N Kirsty Black wrote: "Deepest condolences to this gentleman and his family at this sad time.

"Glad to hear common sense has prevailed in the end but should never have came to this."