Great-grandmother given Slimming World unsung hero award after 25 years of helping people to shed weight

She’s spent almost a quarter of a century helping people transform from “caterpillars into butterflies” and now a weight loss consultant has been recognised for her years of service.

Wednesday, 27th March 2019, 5:00 am
Slimming World consultant Lillian Drummond receives an Unsung Hero award

Slimming World’s Lillian Drummond admits she was stunned to find out she was being given the Unsung Hero award from her peers.

Lillian, of Albany, has run slimming classes for the past 24 years, helping countless people to improve their health and self-confidence in the process.

Slimming World consultant Lillian Drummond receives an Unsung Hero award

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Despite now being 73, the great-grandmother has no plans to give up leading classes at the Millennium Centre in Washington’s Concord area, with 300 people on her books.

“I was actually in a group and losing weight myself quite well, losing four stones, when I thought I could lead my own sessions,” said Lillian, married to Derek, 72.

“I worked full time at Savacentre and then I was a part-time credit controller, but I managed to fit things in.

“When you see people succeed in anything, even if they’ve just lot a bit of weight, it is fantastic.

“They go from a caterpillar into a butterfly. They just flourish.”

Lillian was presented with her award at a Slimming World area meeting.

The honour is in memory of fellow consultant David Brooks, who passed away a couple of years ago.

“The district manager said there was a special award to present to someone who had been at the company for a long time.

“I was totally overawed when she said it was me.

“I was so awestruck that I couldn’t speak.

“To be recognised like this is amazing.”

Lillian, who is mum to Alison, 50, grandmother to Andrew, 30, and Rachel, 25, as well as great-grandmother to Jack, 20 months, is still encouraging people who feel they want to make changes to their lifestyle to get involved in her classes.

“The basic food plan is still the same as it was,” she said.

“People can still have a chocolate bar now and then for example, but the group work means they get helped along by others through things.

“Doing the classes is something I’ll definitely keep on with. My funeral might have to leave from the Millennium Centre!”

For more information on Lillian’s classes, which run on Monday mornings, Monday evenings, and Saturday mornings, call her on 07725363817.