Graeme Hills has fantastic week in Knack Premier Darts League

Knack Premier Darts League

Wednesday, 22nd June 2016, 1:45 pm
Updated Thursday, 25th August 2016, 3:20 pm
Seaham darts league. Graeme Hills

Graeme Hills had a fantastic week collecting all six points that were on offer.

First he played Murton’s Neil Mather in what was a thrilling match with both players hitting a maximum each.

Mather hit a brace of 17-dart legs but it wasn’t enough as Hills wrapped the game up to win 5-3 with a fantastic 12-dart leg which featured a 141 finish.

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Mather was beaten 5-2 in his other game of the night off Geordie Morton despite hitting his second maximum of the night and some great power scoring.

Hills then faced Will Neave and, despite some early pressure from Neave who took out a 114 for an 18 darter and followed up with a 19 darter, it was Hills who showed his class as he took the game 5-2 which featured a hat-trick of 20-dart legs on route.

‘Tricky Dicky’ Richard Selby was nothing short of fantastic as he cemented his position in the top four, first he played Rob McCluskey in a fantastic match.

McCluskey took a 2-0 lead in no time hitting a maximum and a 120 checkout in an 18-dart leg.

But Selby wasn’t to be outdone as he rattled off the next five legs to win 5-2, which included a fantastic 161 checkout in a 12-dart leg and that was accompanied by 15, 16 and 18 dart legs on course to victory.

Selby then whitewashed Neil Richardson 5-0, which included a maximum for Tricky, and best legs of 15 and a hat-trick of 19 darters.

Richardson was beaten comfortably 5-1 off Alan Smith in his other game of the night with the highlight a brace of 18 darters from Smith and a 180.

McCluskey was on the wrong end of a 5-3 result for the 10th time this season, this time against Eddie Ashman.

There was a host of high scores from both players which included four 180s equally shared but Ashman clinched the points in a thrilling last leg.

McCluskey hit best legs of 18x2 and 19 darts with Ashman hitting a brace of 18 darters himself and a 17-darter last leg to take the points.

Philly Dunn thrashed John Allan 5-0 in a solid display, however, he was undone in his second game against David Brown, who beat him 5-3.

Ashman was a 5-1 winner in his other game of the night against John Allan, Ashman was clinical on his doubles giving Allan no chance.

Ryan Joyce didn’t drop a leg during week 18, first he beat Anth Skelton comfortably hitting a 180 and best legs of 13, 16 and 19 darts on route to victory.

Joyce then destroyed Alan Smith with a sensational display hitting another 180, taking him to 39 for the season, as well as a 109 checkout and winning legs of 14, 15, 16x2 and 17 darts giving him a match average of 32.11 or 96.33.

Andrew Ambler had a productive night also collecting six from nine points available.

In his first game, Ambler beat Matthew Hodgson 5-2 comfortably which included a maximum for the Silver Fox and best legs of 19 and 20 darts.

Then Ambler pulled off a massive shock as he beat Paul McGowan, who will be rueing missed doubles,

Ambler hit best legs of 17 and 18 darts during the 5-2 win with McGowan’s best coming in 16 and 18 darts.

In his third game, Ambler was brought back down to earth with a bang as Anth Skelton pummelled him 5-0, both players hit a maximum each and Skelton had best legs of 17, 18 and 20 darts.

Neil Rose had a very tough week as he played fellow Tyne and Wear team-mate Davey Thompson, reigning champion Paul Williams and former champion Graeme Mullen.

First up was Thompson, and they shared the spoils in a 4-4 draw,

Thompson hit a 180 and best legs of 16 and 19 darts with Rose’s best coming in 18 and 20 darts.

Rose then played current champion Paul Williams, who showed exactly why he is the champion, as he brushed Rose aside 5-1 with an excellent display which included two maximums a 120 check-out for the fourh time this season and best legs of 15, 16x2 and 17 darts, Rose’s solitary leg came in 18 darts.

In his third game, Rose was whitewashed by ‘Mull the Bull’ Graham Mullen who was solid throughout and wrapped the game up with a 15-dart last leg.

Mullen continued his assault on the top six in the league as he beat Spiller Henderson 5-1 with an excellent display which saw Mullen have best legs of 18, 19 and a brace of 20 darters,

Henderson eventually hit his first 180 of the season and his solitary leg came in 19 darts.

Henderson was whitewashed 5-0 in his other game of the night despite playing very well, he was unfortunate that he walked into current league leader Dave Prins who was in sensational form.

Prins hit 2x180s, a brilliant 156 check-out and winning legs of 13, 16, 18x2 and 19 darts to give him a match average of 29.82 or 89.49.

Prins then dismantled Dougie Hall 5-0, which saw him hit best legs of 15, 18x2 and 19 darts.

Hall was on the wrong end of a 5-2 result against Paul McGowan in his other game of the night, McGowan hit best legs of 17 and 18 darts.

Dan Gillibrand didn’t have his best night of the season by any means as Geordie Morton put in a solid display and came away with a 5-1 victory, hitting best legs of 15, 19 and 20 darts on course to victory.

Gillibrand had to then settle for a draw against Matthew Hodgson despite playing very well.

The highlights of the game being a 102 checkout and best legs of 17 and 20 darts for Hodgson and a 116 check-out in a 15-dart leg for Gillibrand.

Paul Williams played Will Neave in his third game and produced another excellent display as he came away with a 5-2 victory which saw him hit his third 180 of the night a brace of 15 darters and a 19 darter for good measure, Neave’s best came in 17 darts.