'Giant Pixar liquorice allsort' or great news for Sunderland? Mixed reaction to Vaux site vision

The dazzling vision for Sunderland's Vaux site has been met with a mixed reaction.

By Ross Robertson
Friday, 01 March, 2019, 10:24

Siglion, the organisation behind the development of Vaux, released new images and video of its vision for the future of the former brewery site.

Hampered by a long-running legal battle with Tesco, and then the recession, its taken the best part of two decades to see development taking shape on the Vaux site.

How Vaux could look

The first building on Vaux, THE BEAM, is due to open, and plans are in place to create a new "public sector hub" to replace Sunderland Civic Centre.

Echo readers gave a variety of responses on our Facebook page to the CGI video released yesterday visualising how the site might look in the future.

Chris Blake said: "Whilst it’s 20 years too late, I’m really pleased the site is getting some traction for investment and much needed development in the city.

"I hope it attracts some new investment and footfall into our City - fingers crossed."

How Vaux could look

Chris Barron said: "Looks good. Let's hope it gets built. It would be great to see the riverside from the end of both piers all the way to Fatfield -then Durham opened/developed on both sides."

But not everyone was as happy with the vision.

Malcolm Bond said: "20 years and all Sunderland CC have to show for the Vaux site is a CGI video? Nowhere else in Britain could this happen."

James Beaton said: "The colours bloody awful... looks like they’re trying to create a giant liquorice allsort

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Plans for Vaux

Vikki McCarthy-Wright’s criticism, however, was quite the opposite. She said: “Brown ugly boxes - is that the best this city can come up with?!

“Please tell me the planners have more vision than this or is this the only colours and shapes they have in their colouring set!

She added: “Please Sunderland for the sake of this city do something that will attract people into the city not drive them out .”

Richard Burnell mocked the CGI video. She said: "I don't think much of Pixar's latest offering. I could just about suspend my disbelief enough for Cars and Monsters Inc... but this is pushing the realms of imagination a bit."

Colin Fishwick said: "Could we see the list of companies/ organisations that are queuing up to rent these buildings and create new employment in Sunderland?

Tony Hines said: "Tbh the last decent development in Sunderland was the stadium of light

Beverley Mitchell said: "Have non of the council planners ever been to Leeds, Manchester or Liverpool take some inspiration from their aesthetically beautiful and marvellous architecture?

“Come on Sunderland. The Vaux site should have been Sunderland’s chance to catch up with some of these cities and showcase Sunderland!"

Other readers were dismayed at the negative reaction from some, though, and called for more positivity over the plans.

Lee Innes said: "The negativity on this is unbelievable! Why are you even still living in Sunderland???

Chris Hall said: "Development story = moaning people and conspiracy theorists in comments section."