Former Mayor appeals for help after hit and run

The former Mayor of Peterlee has launched an appeal for witnesses after she was injured in a hit and run which also left the current Mayor needing hospital treatment.
Coun Mary CartwrightCoun Mary Cartwright
Coun Mary Cartwright

Coun Mary Cartwright had been driving her Hyndai with current Mayor Coun Scott Meikle as a passenger when the car was struck by silver car on Friday on a roundabout on Essington Way, Peterlee, near Asda.

She had been taking the Mayor home following a charity evening at the Gentlemen's Lounge on the Royal Arms Shops, Yoden Road, where they had both been in attendance.

Coun Scott MeikleCoun Scott Meikle
Coun Scott Meikle
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It was while she was making her way around the roundabout at about 6pm when the vehicle was hit by another car before it sped off towards Asda.

Coun Cartwright, who represents Edenhill, suffered whiplash injuries including injuries to her right ribs and hip. However, Coun Meikle, who had originally appeared fine following the collision, suffered an angina attack shortly afterwards.

Police called to the scene failed to locate the driver who is believed to have ran off.

Coun Cartwright said: "We were on the roundabout when this car just came flying towards us. He was on the inside of me and he just hit. He was wedged into my car.

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"He was trying to get his car off mine and I said to Scott he's going to do a runner, then he just took off. But people had seen him go into the Asda car park.

"I managed to get the car started, I was really furious that he had took off. I thought he had gone into McDonald's, so I made our way down there but he had gone into Asda.

"It was when I had pulled in and Scott had got out, that I realised I couldn't open the door. I had to climb over the seats and get out through the back."

Coun Cartwright was approached by a group of teenagers from a youth club she runs who came to her aid. And it was while they were waiting outside McDonald's, that Coun Meikle, who represents Passfield, suffered an angina attack.

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She added: "I had turned round and Scott was grabbing his chest, I rang for an ambulance. It was really frightening as he had turned white and was so clammy. I thought he was having a heart attack. The people in McDonald's couldn't have been more helpful - they were amazing.

"We had a rapid response vehicle attend and the PCSOs came down and stayed with me. At the time I hadn't realised I'd been hurt as I was so concerned about Scott.

"Scott has received hospital treatment and is currently being cared for by his family at home."

Coun Cartwright, who works as a taxi driver for youngsters with disablities, is currently without a car due to the extensive damaged caused to the vehicle.

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"This person needs to be caught. It was bad enough what happened to us, but this could have been so much worse. What if it was an elderly person driving the car, or children in the car.

"The speed at which he was driving was wreckless. The car has definitely protected me, but I dread to think what could have happened. We have been so lucky.

"We were having such a lovely weekend, Scott had been to the charity event where he had his beard shaved and this is how it has ended.