First full-length Solo teaser features young Chewbacca

"I'm going to be a pilot, the best in the galaxy," a young Han Solo declares in the first full-length teaser trailer for the Star Wars film.

By The Newsroom
Monday, 05 February, 2018, 13:21
Solo: A Star Wars Story is due for release in May.

It follows a shorter teaser for Solo: A Star Wars Story, which was broadcast during the Super Bowl and showed a young Solo getting a hug from a younger Chewbacca.

In a voiceover, Solo, played by Alden Ehrenreich, says: "I've been running scams on the street since I was ten.

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"I was kicked out of the flight academy for having a mind of my own."

It also shows him teaming up with Woody Harrelson and piloting the Millennium Falcon alongside Emilia Clarke and Donald Glover.

Solo: A Star Wars Film is released in the UK on May 25.