Everything you need to know about the North East Vegan Festival (Nevfest) 2016 in Sunderland

Thousands of people will again descend on the Stadium of Light this weekend for the biannual North East Vegan Festival.
At a previous North East Vegan FestivalAt a previous North East Vegan Festival
At a previous North East Vegan Festival

Here's your questions answered if you're considering going along:

There's a what in Sunderland? A vegan festival?

Yes, that's right. A vegan festival. The North East Vegan Festival (Nevfest) in Sunderland is one of the biggest in the country.

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It's on Sunday November 20 at the Stadium of Light, and runs from 10.30am to 5.30pm.

Does anyone actually go to that?

Yes, thousands of people from all over the country.

Ok. What's it in aid of?

The event raises money for Farplace Animal Rescue, and is part of World Vegan Month activities taking place throughout November.

It's also a chance for vegans to buy and try all manner of products, vegan-friendly businesses to showcase their wares, and people to share information.

So I can get a vegan hot dog at the Stadium of Light, then?

Yes, you even may have to queue. And there's a lot more besides. In fact, you won't be able to buy any animal products at all on Sunday - their bars will only be serving vegan drinks.

Vegan drinks?

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Yes, plant-milks for tea and coffee, and no non-vegan beverages. Not all alcoholic drinks are vegan as animal products such as isinglass, taken from fish swim bladders, are used in the production process.

Really? That's gross!

Yes, it is rather.

So what will be there then?

Scores of stalls selling hot and cold food of all descriptions: meals, salads, cakes, drinks, you name it, as well as vegan clothing and accessories, toiletries, and stands offering information and advice to vegans and people considering making the change.

Can anyone go or is it just for vegans?

Yes, everyone is welcome, and vegetarians, meat-eaters and the vegan-curious are particularly welcome so they can sample the lifestyle and maybe consider going vegan, or taking a step in that direction.

How can I get there?

There's free parking at the Stadium of Light, and it's also on Metro and major bus routes. You can get off at St Peter's or the Stadium of Light Metro stations.

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The mainline train station in Sunderland is also within walking distance.

Does it cost to get in?

It costs £2, and you can buy tickets in advance if you wish at https://www.northeastveganfestival.co.uk/ . There are even VIP options available.

Ok. But will I not just want a bacon sandwich?

You most certainly will not.