'Every worker has the right to collectivise and strike' - 13 things you said about the walk-out at Washington Academy

Echo readers have had their say about an ongoing teachers' strike at a Wearside school.

Thursday, 28th June 2018, 11:51 am
Updated Saturday, 30th June 2018, 12:12 am
NASUWT members outside of Washington Academy.
NASUWT members outside of Washington Academy.

Members of the NASUWT at Washington Academy are holding six days of strike action, starting today. The union has said the strike follows months of negotiations over the way staff are being treated, and the school's policy for dealing with poor student behaviour.

John Hall, national executive member for the teaching union, told the Echo that striking staff members wanted to be in work - but felt they had no other choice but to walk out.

NASUWT members outside of Washington Academy.

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Mike Beverley, the school's principal, said he has held lots of meetings with staff since November last year in a bid to tackle concerns. He added that he was disheartened by the strike action.

Here is how you reacted to the story on social media:

Michael Jordan: "It baffles me how people who haven't a clue about the real reasons behind the strike keep going on about six weeks holiday etc, they will be getting a yearly wage divided by 12 months, the holidays are irrelevant, the teachers are subjected to league tables and other restrictions."

Kelonski Magooski: "Some of these comments are abhorrent. 1. Every worker has the right to collectivise and strike. How else do you think we all got weekends, sick pay, holiday pay etc? 2. No one should be subject to any management practices that make them feel undervalued, overworked or ill. This isn't North Korea. 3. Teachers are human beings too."

John Hall national executive of NASUWT.

John Stoker: "Do many parents know what their children get up to? There is always a tipping point and the teachers may have reached this."

Thomas Laverick: "You teachers should be on footballers wages, that's some job to teach/support/what ever else you do for all [those] kids especially the younger ones."

Chris Redfern: "Of course they are right to strike. Every parent should be supporting them too if they want their kids to get a decent education."

Paul Leake: "You don't give up nearly a week's wages for a laugh. Clearly something has gone wrong between school management and the staff, and it that isn't sorted it will be far more disruptive that a short strike."

Steve Hall: "Working in any environment where you are under-valued and not supported is extremely difficult add to that a classroom situation it becomes almost impossible to do the job to the best of your ability."

Justine Husband Stewart Reed: "Well if they look in the mirror each day and don't see the dedication for the vocation they chose. Change your job.as the proverb goes. A bad workman always blames his tools."

Tori Stubbings: "Yes they should. It's the only way workplaces listen. Vote with your feet and walk out."

Neale Pardey: "I agree that the fact teachers should be treated fairly like any other employee, however I believe that strike action should not be an option."

Nathan Armstrong: "Absolutely yes. Bureaucrats who make teachers lives hell. They have a difficult enough job as it is and are human like the rest of us."

Gordon Munchy Grey: "No, they aren't impressed if kids walk out. Why should the teachers be allowed? Should lead by example."

Margy James: "They get a good wage and off every six weeks where in any other job do you get that."