EU has led to our decline

Our local MPs and business leaders are giving us all the spiel about what Europe has done for us, huh.

If we were not in the EU we would still have our own ship builders and steel producers.

No, don’t blame Maggie for all our closed yards and steel works, blame the EU directives about over production.

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It doesn’t take a genius to see what was up. How do you bring a once mighty nation down? Hit its industries and smother it in rules and regulations and a create a bunch of political parasites to oversee it.

The Vaux site is a prime example of this, 18 years since its closure, and three quangos later, they’ve only managed to build a car park and waste a huge chunk on a road.

Our illustrious political class keep saying we have money to spend on it, but can we expect more than a sign saying watch this space? We wait with bated breath.

Why can’t Doxford ship yard be re-opened? I know the river will require dredging, so why not do it while doing the river up for the tall ships? It could build small to medium ships, trawlers, under sea generation plants, even warships.

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The only people who are holding back Sunderland are the political class who have been in control here for too long.

Sunderland has been in decline since the 1970s, from the time Labour gained control.

Vote them out in May, and free us in June from the EU.

We will prevail.

I W Pallace