Two children left with broken bones after falling from play equipment at playpark

Two children have broken bones after falling from play equipment at Seaton Carew park in recent weeks.

Wednesday, 14th August 2019, 10:34 am
Eden has had to have pins put in place that go halfway up her arm and now she can't do gymnastics or horse-riding which are her favourite hobbies

Mum Nikki Murphy, 30, took her four-year-old daughter Eden Murphy to the playpark last week and kept her eye on the little girl as she played on the equipment.

Nikki watched on in horror as a boy spun the play equipment so fast that little Eden flew off the wheel and broke her elbow.

Eden was rushed to A&E to find that her arm was broken.

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Eden flew off the play equipment when it was spun

A little boy was also in A&E at the same time and after talking to his mum Nikki realised he had broken his femur at the same park on a different piece of equipment.

This three-year-old boy, from Essex, had to stay in Hartlepool where he was on holiday with his grandparents. His mum, Jamie Harris Sargeant, 25, said: “He had to have a cast fitted around his waist and now he can’t walk. He was fully potty trained but now he has gone back to the beginning.”

Nikki became aware that there has been other accidents so she contacted the council.

Nikki said: “It made me more angry when the council said the equipment wasn’t suitable for younger children. How am I meant to know that as a parent when there is no signage?

“She was like a frisbee. If it can spin that fast with six or seven kids on it, imagine how fast it spins when an adult does it.”

She is hoping the council will act and is hoping to get parents to come forward who been in had similar situations.

She said: “If I stop just one more child being hurt, it is worth it.”

A Hartlepool Borough Council spokesman said: “We are very sorry to hear about the injuries suffered by two children whilst using the play area at Seaton Carew. Our thoughts are with them and we hope they make a full recovery.

“All of the play equipment installed on the site is fully approved and it has been independently checked by two play equipment inspection companies.”

They are now carrying out a review of the incidents.