Eight things Sunderland fans said about the club's new signing Javier Manquillo

Javier Manquillo. Picture: Press Association.Javier Manquillo. Picture: Press Association.
Javier Manquillo. Picture: Press Association.
Atletico Madrid full-back Javier Manquillo has signed for Sunderland on a season-long loan, it has been announced today.

The Spaniard, who is David Moyes' sixth signing of the summer transfer period, previously made 10 Premier League appearances while on loan at Liverpool.

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Here's what some of our website users had to say about the signing.

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What would Shack do 54: "Well things appear to [be] moving in the transfers and that is something to be thankful for. It is absolutely pointless to prejudge the new signings before they have even kicked a ball. Show some trust in our manager and give them a chance. Still need a striker though."

Pigs do fly: "Welcome aboard Lad. Finally some movement on signings and not before time. As far as Gyan goes I would welcome him with open arms. All this Mercenary calling is bang out of order. The lad was doing well at Sunderland when his agents got wind of a big money move. Gyan wasn't in a position to say no to his agents."

Lytttycwbn: "Hopefully this will calm all the buffoons and they will realise Moyes has a plan."

BoomTown73: "Welcome marra.... Give 100% and you won't go far wrong."

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Eftiem64: "Never heard of him or seen him play but by all accounts this guy is quality. Defensive minded, very solid and an exceptional passer. Which makes me think it's a pity we couldn't get him in permanently?"

Sedgefield Lad: "What can be conclude based on evidence so far is David Moyes has come to Sunderland for the long haul. Quick fix solutions and trying to buy a team are out of the window, and rightly so because they are unsustainable. A consequence is at times it will be a little bumpy in the short term, especially when aging senior players are injured as is the case now. To avoid will be the temptation to cash in on players we spent time developing once they approach maturity. Southampton are now on the verge of paying for having done that once too often. Not all fans may realize it yet, but the club is now heading in a direction that leads to an era of stability off the field and success on it. Keeping calm during the bumpy early parts of the ride is paramount."

Lucas Tyson: "I know this is probably a no-brainer but, I hope Moyes and Bain took 10 minutes to sit down with Manquillo and asked him for the names of any good c.f's, c.m's and c.d's he has played with or against in the French leagues. If they can pick up a couple like Khazri, Kaboul or Kone for cheap in the next week that would be great."

SAFC mod: "Good start to the final straight of the transfer window, another five of similar quality please."