Doing my best for Fulwell

Councillor Howe says in his letter of Tuesday, August 30, that he and Councillor Francis were instrumental in 'getting the permit parking scheme, soon to be launched at Seaburn Metro Station and other parts of the ward.'

Tuesday, 6th September 2016, 8:08 am
Updated Tuesday, 6th September 2016, 9:11 am

Perhaps he forgets that I and my friends petitioned the council in 2012 with the aid of local residents to draw this matter to their attention. Having been successful in getting it adopted perhaps he also forgets that he opposed my being part of the committee which was formed to deliver the scheme. Fortunately I was on the committee and the scheme came to a successful conclusion. The Metro had been in Fulwell since 2002 and nothing was done by him or his colleague about it in the previous 10 years. The scheme will be implemented in October and should help matters for residents of the area, getting rid of the day trippers and holidaymakers who litter the area with their vehicles.

The hospital scheme was also the subject of a petition by myself and friends in 2014 and we were lucky to have it adopted along with the Metro scheme bypassing years of struggle to get it implemented. The residents around the hospital will remember our petition which was overwhelmingly supported as was the scheme around the Metro. Again the residents around the hospital had asked Conservative councillors to do something with no success.

With regard to the traffic lights at The Blue Bell he tried, and failed, for four years to get these lights updated. Julie Elliot MP and myself cooperated and managed to get it looked at and completed within six months at the same time as improvements were made to the traffic lights next to The Grange.

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I am not in the business of points scoring and wish only to do my best for Fulwell which is why my newsletters concentrate on the ward and what I have done.

Coun Margaret Beck

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