Dog killed family pet in front of Sunderland mum and son

A dog which attacked and killed a small terrier will have to be muzzled, kept on a lead in public, and neutered.

Wednesday, 17th October 2018, 6:00 am
Updated Wednesday, 17th October 2018, 9:38 am

Rocky the Bull Mastiff left Patch, a Jack Russell, dead in the street as Patch's horrified owner feared for her and her young son's safety.

Kane Quinn, who was walking the dog on behalf of his brother, tried to call it off Patch but he was ignored, Sunderland Magistrates' Court heard.

Kane Quinn leaves court afer being banned from keeping animals for three years.

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Quinn was fined, ordered to compensate Patch's owner, and banned from keeping any pet for three years.

Prosecutor Brian Payne said Patch was being walked by owner Claire Burlinson, accompanied by her young son.

"She had her dog on a lead," added Mr Payne.

"As she approached an underpass in Shepherd Street in Sunderland she became aware of the defendant who had two dogs, neither of which were on a lead.

Patch the Jack Russell terrier who was savaged to death in the street.

"She was immediately apprehensive, and called out to the defendant to bring his dogs under full control.

"One of them did go back to him, but Rocky attacked Patch, killing it.

"Passers-by intervened to help separate the dogs.

"Ms Burlinson said later she was very distressed at losing Patch, and she also found the whole incident frightening for both herself and her son."

Claire Burlinson watched helplessly as her dog Patch was killed.

Quinn, 19, of Neville Road, Sunderland, admitted being in charge of a dangerous dog on June 13.

He was of previous good character.

Richard Copsey, defending, said: "Mr Quinn was looking after Rocky on behalf of his brother,

"He went out for a cigarette, taking the dog with him.

"Mr Quinn made what efforts he could to bring the dog under control.

"After this unfortunate incident, he waited for the police to arrive.

"He did not seek to evade responsibility, and he pleaded guilty at the first opportunity."

The bench ordered Quinn to pay £500 compensation to the owner of Patch, and he was ordered to pay £205 costs.

Quinn was disqualified from keeping any pet for three years.

Rocky was made the subject of a Contingency Destruction Order which means he must be neutered, and kept muzzled, and on a lead at all times in public.