Dodgy football streaming salesman hid evidence in his freezer

Dodgy football streaming device salesman Jason Graham hid evidence in his freezer as the net closed in on his scam.

By The Newsroom
Wednesday, 4th April 2018, 2:36 pm
Updated Wednesday, 4th April 2018, 2:41 pm

In addition, Graham, 45, also known as Richards, of Front Street, East Boldon, destroyed computer hard drives prior to his arrest.

Accomplice John Dodds, 65, of Stainton Road, Seamer, near Scarborough, attempted to conceal evidence by hiding the keys to a car full of equipment and documentation, including a list of all his clients, several streets away from his home.

The pair supplied illegal streaming devices to hundreds of pubs and clubs across the North East.

A Premier League statement revealed: "Mr Richards attempted to conceal evidence just before being arrested by destroying hard drives and hiding information in his deep freezer.

"This led to a conviction for attempting to pervert the course of justice in addition to his conspiracy to defraud offence."

The prosecution was brought by the Premier League with support from a range of organisations including intellectual property rights experts FACT and the National Trading Standards regional investigation team.

The pair supplied illegal streaming devices to hundreds of pubs and clubs across the North East.

Premier League director of legal services Kevin Plumb said: “This is a hugely significant judgment as it provides further evidence that selling these devices is illegal and can result in a prison sentence.

"We have seen several reports from people who have purchased illicit streaming devices only to be left with no service when the seller is forced to cease trading because the law has caught up with them, or their broadcast signal has been interrupted by our enforcement measures.

"We hope this verdict gets the message out that selling or using these devices is simply not worth the risk.”

FACT's chief executive officer Kieron Sharp said: “This is no longer a grey area – selling devices like this or using one at home to watch content you normally would pay for is breaking the law.

"This sentencing should send out a very clear and strong message to anyone involved in the sale of these devices that it is very much illegal and that they risk spending time behind bars.”