Democracy concerns

Rod Hepplewhite begins his response to Coun George Howe (November 10) by saying 'I'm confused'.

Friday, 18th November 2016, 9:32 am
Updated Friday, 18th November 2016, 11:22 am

Well for once, I must agree with him.

He claims Brexiters are against Parliamentary sovereignty because they want Article 50 actioned by the Government.

He states that is contrary to the wish for powers to be returned to the UK from the EU.

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It is not. The Brexit argument was that the will of the British people should be supreme.

To give the High Court decision full consideration we must look at the true motivation of those who took the High Court action.

Gina Miller is an anti-Brexit campaigner who is quoted as saying she “felt physically sick” when the referendum result was announced.

Charlie Mullins has said “Originally my reasons for wanting the constitutional question of who should trigger Article 50 clarified stemmed from my desire as a businessman for certainty and stability in the economy.”

In truth, he has achieved the opposite which must cast serious doubt on his motivation.

In a Five Live interview, he was asked what do you want to come out of Brexit negotiations.

He said “for the UK to remain in the single market” and “to continue with the free movement of people.”

In effect, he wants the status quo to exist as in we remain in the EU despite this being against the wishes of the people.

In truth, these people knew that if they could get their way Remainers in the Commons and the unelected Peers in the Lords would frustrate the exit process and at best delay it for up to a year or possibly scupper the whole thing.

It seems Rod Hepplewhite and the remain camp have a serious problem with democracy, unless of course it gives them the result they want.

Alan Wright