David Walsh murder trial: Sunderland dad 'suffered 34 stab wounds and cuts' in brutal back lane killing, court told

A Sunderland dad was brutally murdered in a back lane when he went to intervene in a violent attack on his son, a court heard.

Wednesday, 8th June 2016, 3:01 pm
Updated Monday, 13th June 2016, 12:38 pm
David Walsh pictured with wife Trisha

David Walsh suffered 34 stab wounds and cuts, as well as a number of other injuries, during a savage beating at the hands of an armed mob, who used an "assortment" of weapons, it is claimed.The 45-year-old, who had the nickname Boff, died as a result of massive blood loss from stab wounds and cuts to major blood vessels linked to the heart, lungs and kidneys.Newcastle Crown Court heard Mr Walsh had gone to the lane between Canon Cockin Street and Fuller Road in Hendon, Sunderland, on November 20 last year when he found out his son David Richardson, aka Walsh, was being assaulted.Mr Walsh, who was described in court as a "big strong man", wanted to know "who had done this to his son", was angry and ready to fight, the court heard.The court heard violence involving a number of men broke out in the lane, one of whom was knocked unconscious by Mr Walsh.It is claimed Mr Walsh was then the subject of a deadly attack using weapons.Mr Walsh's other son Kyle Richardson, aka Walsh, who drove him to the scene, saw the aftermath of the savagery used on his dad.Prosecutor Robert Smith QC told the court: "He could see one of his father's arms was very badly cut."He had a large cut to his abdomen, from which his intestines were protruding."There was so much blood it was difficult for him to see the extent of his father's injuries."Kyle Walsh tried to find a pulse but could find nothing."He stood there, shouting 'look at the state of him, look what you have done to him'."Those responsible had gone."Charles Lamont, 40, of Villette Road, his son Dalton Barnett, 19, of Fuller Road, Raymond Brown, 37, of Canon Cockin Street and Patrick Duggan, 19, of Palmstead Place, all in Sunderland, are being tried by a jury.All four deny murder and violent disorder.Mr Smith told jurors at least one knife, possibly a machete, as well as a crow bar, a metal tool and a broom handle were among the weapons used during the violence.The court heard a witness who could see the murder scene from his home, saw Brown thrust a knife into Mr Walsh and keep it in as "he was going down".The violence then continued, despite severe stab wounds already being inflicted.It is claimed Brown confessed during a phone call the following day that he was frightened when the violence broke out and had "stabbed" and "gutted" Mr Walsh.Mr Smith told jurors each defendant played a part in the fatal attack and were part of a group which spontaneously decided to inflict at least really serious bodily harm to Mr Walsh.Mr Smith added: "David Walsh was subjected to an attack by several men, all of whom, the prosecution contend, intended he should suffer at least really serious bodily harm."In the hands of all or some of them, at various times, was an assortment of weapons, some of which took the form of blunt instruments, some of which were bladed."During the attack on Mr Walsh, he suffered a total of 34 separate injuries by way of stabs or cuts to the body and also suffered a number of blunt force injuries."The injuries by way of stabs and cuts proved to be fatal as a result of massive blood loss."The court heard Mr Walsh had injuries to his ribs and severe internal damage to his body.All four men on trial deny both of the charges they face. The trial continues.

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Flowers left at the scene where David Walsh was attacked
Flowers left at the scene where David Walsh was attacked