Dave wants to know - Did Yeh Ever Gann To The Mecca?

Did Yeh Ever Gann To The Mecca? Dave Murray would love to know.

Friday, 20th January 2017, 10:14 am
Updated Friday, 20th January 2017, 10:17 am
The Mecca Centre in 1996.

The keen Sunderland singer has composed a song all about his beloved days at the venue in the city.

It’s a three-minute ditty filled with fun verses and it starts with the following lines.

The Mecca Centre.

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“Did yeh ever gann to the Mecca, did yeh ever gann to Genevieves,

“Did yeh ever have lang hair or wear an Afghan coat, and bell bottom jeans,

“Did yeh ever dance away the hours,

“At the Mecca on a Friday and Saturday night,

The Mecca Centre.

“Did yeh ever walk round in circles,

“Up and down them stairs a hundred times a night,

“Drinking Tartan beer and Lorimer’s scotch, Bacardi and Coke – on the rocks,

“Babycham and Cherry B,

“Scampi in a basket, chicken and chips, hot dog burgers, Oxo crisps,

“Did Yeh Ever Gann to the Mecca just like me.”

Dave sent us the catchy little tune on social media after we posted a photograph of the outside of Genevieve’s earlier this month.

We asked for your memories and more than 400 of you responded.

Another 120,000 of you saw the post but only Dave turned to song!

Dave told us: “I have been writing songs about Sunderland for years, about the people and life in general.”

His other songs include Merry Christmas 1966, River Wear Bairns, and Fish and Chips (all about his childhood memories of ‘chips and pattie on a Friday neet’).

He goes by the name of The Mackem Folk Singer and added: “I would also like to sit down with members the older generation and hear their stories and turn them into songs.”