Woman pushed teenage skateboarder to ground in shocking Sunderland city centre attack

A woman pushed a teenage skateboarder to the ground during a shocking city centre group attack.

By Karon Kelly
Wednesday, 11th May 2022, 4:55 am

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The victim had been out with his friends in Sunderland last summer when they noticed Paris Griffiths and her pals, who the teens "didn't like the look of".

Newcastle Crown Court heard that after one of the youths refused to hand over a cigarette to the adult group he was subjected to an attack that left him "extremely upset and angry".

He said in a victim statement: "I gave these horrible people that attacked me no reason to do so."

The case was heard at Newcastle Crown Court.

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The teen said "in his whole life it is the worst experience he has ever had" and now feels worried about going out.

Prosecutor Liam O'Brien told the court it was a male who was with Griffiths who asked the teen for the cigarette and got refused.

Mr O'Brien said: "He responded by attacking him, by grabbing him by the throat and striking him.

"It was at that point Miss Griffiths involved herself.

"She grabbed hold of the complainant and ultimately managed to push him onto the ground.

"He was then attacked by a third individual, who has not been identified."

Griffiths, 21, of Close Street, Sunderland, admitted affray.

Jamie Adams, defending, said Giffiths is remorseful and has been "trying to sort her life in recent times".

Mr Adams said Griffiths has since "settled down".

Judge Robert Adams sentenced Griffiths to a community order for 18 months with programme requirements.

Judge Adams said Griffiths has "little recollection" of what happened that night, after she drank three litres of strong cider but has accepted responsibility.

The judge said Griffiths now has good support and prospects for the future.