UPDATE: Two teens arrested after windscreens and wing mirrors smashed by gang of vandals in Sunderland car park and street

Two teenagers have been arrested after windscreens and wing mirrors were trashed as a gang of vandals targeted vehicles in a Sunderland street and car park.

The group struck first in the car park at the Stadium of Light Metro station on the evening of Wednesday, April 27, before making their way up Crozier Street, where they caused more damage.

A Northumbria Police spokesperson said at least four vehicles had been attacked across the two locations, though it was possible there could be more reports to come.

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Georgina Burlinson, 43, was left counting the cost after the windscreen and wing mirror of her Suzuki Swift were smashed: “I have had to go through my insurance for the windscreen,” she said.

"God knows how much it would cost to get a full new one.”

Georgina was at home when the vandals struck: “We were in the house and I heard bangs – it sounded like fireworks, to be honest,” she said.

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“My mam went out the front and she saw a man with a dog who was trying to stop them, but they just gave him a load of abuse and ran off.

“She said there were abut six or seven of them.”

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The casing has been broken off this car in Crozier Street

She has been left unable to get to her job as care manager at a residential home in North Tyneside

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“My whole windscreen is shattered and they have pulled the wing mirror off as well,” she said.

“I only started my new job on Monday and now I can’t get to work – they can’t come out to replace the windscreen until Tuesday.

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“It is just disgusting, to be honest.

Damage visible from inside Georgina Burlinson's car
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“You work hard, you don’t bother anybody and then this happens.”

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Thirty-three-year-old Kim Petty discovered the damage to her VW Polo when she arrived at the Stadium of Light Metro station the next morning.

Kim, who works for a business insolvency firm in Newcastle, had left the car overnight because she was going out with colleagues for drinks after work.

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The rear windscreen has also been smashed

“I got dropped off at the Metro station this morning and found it then, as I was on my way to work,” she said.

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"I left it there overnight because we had been out for drinks after work – I have left it there a couple of times.”

As well as having to finish work early in order to take the car to the garage, Kim was also left having to decide whether to foot the bill for the repairs herself or claim on her insurance and then have to shell out for increased premiums.

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"You end up having to pay either way,” she said.

"It’s six and two threes.”

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A Northumbria Police spokesperson said: “We are continuing to investigate a spate of vandalism that saw a number of cars damaged in the Stadium of Light Metro car park and on Crozier Street shortly after 10pm on April 27.

Damage to Georgina Burlinson's car
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“Two males, both aged 14, have since been arrested in connection with our enquiries and remain on police bail.

“We will not tolerate such mindless behaviour and are committed to bringing effective justice against those involved. Increased patrols are continuing in the area.

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“Anyone with information is asked to contact police via the ‘Tell Us Something’ page of our website or by calling 101 quoting log NP-20220427-1226. Alternatively, you can email [email protected]

A smashed windscreen in the Metro station car park
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Vehicles were attacked in Crozier Street
The windscreen of Kim Petty's VW Polo which was attacked in the Metro station car park