Thug jailed for 14 YEARS for frenzied attack on woman he met in Arizona in Sunderland city centre

A ‘charming’ attacker who lashed out with a saucepan and caused serious injuries to a woman he took home from a nightclub has been jailed for 14 years.

Tuesday, 12th November 2019, 3:12 pm

Darran Read knocked his victim unconscious during the terrifying outburst of violence that left her convinced she could die.

The 37-year-old, who has previous convictions for sex attacks on children, then left his victim lying in a pool of blood while he bathed, cleaned up and continued drinking for hours before he called 999 for help.

Read, of Roseville Street, Sunderland, had been accused of trying to kill and also raping the victim while keeping her imprisoned in his flat after they got back from Arizona club in the city.

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Darran Read.

But after a week long trial at Newcastle Crown Court, Read, who told jurors the woman had asked him for “rough sex”, was found not guilty of attempted murder, two offences of rape and one of false imprisonment.

He was found guilty of wounding with intent.

The court heard the victim, had thought Read was "charming and pleasant" when she met him during a night out at the club.

She later became so convinced she would die during the violence that broke out back at his flat that she picked up a letter belonging to her attacker and put it in her handbag so that police would realise where she had been, once they found her body and possessions.

Arizona at Holmeside, Sunderland.

She suffered wounds to her head, a fractured hand, a possible fracture to her arm as well as bruising and swelling.

In a victim impact statement the woman said: "I am absolutely distraught at what Darran Read has done to me.

"This started off as me going out with friends and I met him in a bar. I was expecting to go back to his home for a drink. It was only for a drink.

"He then attacked me in what was the most horrific time of my life.

"I truly believe he was trying to kill me.

"He caused me so much pain I was in hospital for days. I couldn't look after myself because my arms were in casts.

"My hair was matted with blood for days.

"I still have pain in my head after being battered senseless with a saucepan. My life flashed before my eyes."

The court heard Read has been convicted of violence in the past and has convictions for indecently assaulting children in 1996 and 1997.

Judge Paul Sloan QC told Read: "I have no doubt whatsoever that you do present a significant risk to members of the public of serious harm."

The judge said Read's 14-year jail term will be followed by an extended four year licence period.

Judge Sloan told him: "Whatever it was that triggered your violence, I have not doubt, on the evidence I heard at trial, that you flew into a particularly violent rage."

The judge added: "She described it as horrendous. She thought she was going to die.

"You initially thought you had killed her.

"When she came round she was lying in a pool of blood, fearing for her life.

"She had the presence of mind to grab a letter which was lying on the floor and put that letter in her handbag, which was close by. Her thought processes being if her body and possessions were dumped then he police would find the letter in her handbag and that would lead back to your address."

Judge Sloan said the hours that passed after the attack until the ambulance was called "prolonged her pain and suffering".

The court heard Read had an "unhappy childhood" and has a history of mental health issues.