Sunderland Streets with the most reports of disorder and anti-social behaviour.

The 13 Sunderland streets with most disorder and anti-social behaviour in April

Here are the 13 Sunderland streets with the most reports of disorder and anti-social behaviour during April.

By Kevin Clark
Tuesday, 14th June 2022, 4:55 am

The Home Office data, published on its www.police.uk website, covers Northumbria Police’s Sunderland Central, East, West and North policing neighbourhoods.

All incidents are said to have taken place “on or near” named locations in April 2022.

Anti-social behaviour offences includes personal, environmental and nuisance anti-social behaviour; criminal damage and arson includes damage to buildings and vehicles and deliberate damage by fire, and public order includes offences which cause fear, alarm or distress.

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