Sunderland stab victim spat at police officer who came to help him - then tried to throw urine sample in her face at hospital

An assault victim who attacked a police officer when she arrived to help him after a street stabbing has been put behind bars.

Wednesday, 23rd October 2019, 4:45 pm
Updated Wednesday, 23rd October 2019, 7:47 pm
Dylan Barnes

Dylan Barnes spat blood and saliva at the constable, who he called derogatory names in the street – then tried to throw a urine sample in her face when they got to hospital.The officer said she found Barnes' behaviour "disgusting" and added: "I expect a certain level of resistance in my occupation but I don't expect to be abused in this manner."She said she lived in fear of infection as a result of contact with the fluids.Barnes, a 38-year-old serial criminal who has attacked police in the past, was convicted of two offences of assault on an emergency worker during a trial held in his absence when he failed to attend court.While wanted on a warrant, dad-of-four Barnes went on a summer crime spree before he was arrested.He has now been jailed for a total of 16 months at Newcastle Crown Court.Prosecutor Jessica Slaughter told the court police had been dispatched to a report of a stabbing at Ravensworth Street in Sunderland in the early hours of April 14.Barnes had injuries and was bleeding and was ordered to drop whatever he had in his hands, which he did.Miss Slaughter said: "He became aggressive, calling the police officers "mugs", he was shouting, specifically at the complainant, ******g ***** ****ing ****". He leaned towards her and spat directly at her."She described a mixture of blood and saliva hit her body armour."The court heard the officers applied a spit hood and restrained Barnes before he was taken to hospital.Miss Slaughter added: "He did have stab wounds. While being treated at hospital he was provided with a sample pot to provide a sample of urine, which he did."The police officer describes him being aggressive towards her again and attempting to throw the pot of urine at her."This led to him being further restrained in the hospital. He continued to try and spit at the officers."When questioned later, Barnes claimed to remember nothing about the urine attack but said he was "sorry" for it.The court heard while wanted on warrant for the offences, Barnes stole a bottle of vodka from a city newsagents on July 5 and told the shopworker who confronted him she could call the police as he was "already wanted".On July 30 he broke into a B&M store at Roker Retail Park and stole vodka worth £341.On August 7 and August 14, Barnes filled cars with petrol at two garages and made off without paying.And on August 16 he stole £200 worth of meat from Aldi at St. Marks Road and warned a woman worker "I will stab you" when she alerted security.Judge Sarah Mallett sentenced Barnes to 16 months behind bars and told him: "You were particularly aggressive towards the female police officer and spat directly at her. Blood and saliva landed on her body armour."The police took you to hospital to try and enable you to be examined and treated for the stab wounds."You took hold of a urine bottle and became aggressive towards them again and tried to throw the urine into the face of the officer."Judge Mallett added: "Assaults on those working to help and assist as well as protect members of society simply will not be tolerated."The judge said Barnes' past record, which includes previous attack on police, was an aggravating feature of the case.Barnes, of no fixed address, pleaded guilty to offences of theft, burglary, making off without payment, driving while disqualified and failing to surrender.Christopher Morrison, defending, was on a "negative drift" at the time of the offences and has been "drinking all he could find, at any time he could find it" while coping with recent family tragedies.

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