Sunderland son locked up after 23RD breach of court order to stay away from his mum

A Sunderland man has been jailed for his twenty-third breach of a court order to stay away from his mum.

By Gareth Crickmer
Thursday, 27th January 2022, 4:55 am

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Kevin Langan, 34, is starting 10 weeks behind bars after magistrates clamped down on his persistent flouting of a restraining order.

He was found eating his tea at her home by police called there by his brother.

His solicitor claimed Langan, of Torrens Road, Thorney Close, was being sent mixed messages by his mother about being welcome or not at her home.

Kevin Langan.

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But magistrates in South Tyneside said enough was enough and imposed the jail term for his latest breach, committed on Wednesday, January 19.

The court heard Langan’s original restraining order, imposed at Sunderland Magistrates’ Court in 2013, allowed contact with his mum with her permission.

But several breaches by him meant its terms were changed in 2017 to an indefinite order with no contact and no visits to her home.

Of the latest breach, prosecutor Gurjot Kaur said: “He has gone to her home address, breaching the order.

“He let himself in through an unlocked back door, and has refused to leave despite requests.

“She says that he wasn’t violent but that he didn’t comply with her requests to leave.

“He was located in the living room by police, who said he smelled of alcohol. He told them that he was aware of the restraining order.

“He said he went to get his bank card and his mother had made him his tea, but mum says not.”

Langan, who has 67 previous convictions from 118 offences, his last in November, pleaded guilty to breaching the order.

Gerry Armstrong, defending, said: “On many other occasions, Mr Langan has attended that property and remained there without any complaint being made whatsoever.

“The problem tends to escalate when his brother, who called the police, is there. They don’t get along.

“When the police get there, he is sitting there finishing off his tea. There’s no violence or threats.”

There were no court costs or victim surcharge.