Sunderland shoplifter jailed for Tesco and Superdrug thefts

A shoplifter who continued to steal just weeks after being handed a suspended sentence has been sent to prison.

By Michael Drummond
Sunday, 21 July, 2019, 06:00
Claire Jarvis was jailed for theft. Picture: Northumbria Police

Claire Jarvis was given a chance by the court earlier this year when her jail term was suspended, according to a prosecutor.

However it was not long before she was back in court again having stolen handbags and a toothbrush from various stores just weeks later.

Jarvis, of St Lucia Road in Sunderland, pleaded guilty to four charges of theft, failing to surrender to custody and breaching post-release supervision requirements.

Prosecutor Glenda Beck told the court that Jarvis – a serial victim of domestic violence – stole a toothbrush from Superdrug, clothing worth £60 from Tesco Extra in Sunderland, and two handbags from different stores valued at £320 and £228.

Caught on Tesco CCTV

Describing the theft from Tesco Extra, she said: “A staff member was monitoring CCTV when his attention was drawn to two females who seemed to be hovering around the high value area.

“He saw the defendant select an Oral B toothbrush [and] remove the tag.”

She also took an item of clothing and concealed it down her trousers, the court heard.

“At this point a store manger approached the two females.

“The manager attempted to retrieve the bag from her but they would not let him take it.”

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Eventually the Tesco items were recovered, the court heard.

Serial victim of domestic violence

Defence solicitor Richard Copsy told the magistrates: “The background to most of this offending very much controlled by other people to do things she doesn’t want to do.

“Within two weeks of the suspended sentence being imposed she has committed other offences.

“She has debts all over the place.”

Mr Copsy said Jarvis is a serial victim of domestic violence.

“She has thrown herself at the mercy of the court,” he added.

Jarvis was jailed for four weeks for the new offences, and her suspended sentence was activated in full, giving a total of 18 weeks in prison.

She must also pay £50 compensation and a £61 victim surcharge.