Sunderland danger driver jailed after leaving pedestrian 'with blood gushing from head' and hospitalised with collapsed lung

A danger driver who hit a pedestrian as he crossed a city centre road and left him hospitalised for nine days has been put behind bars.

The 67-year-old victim was thrown over Bradley Bute's car bonnet and onto the pavement as he tried to cross Borough Road in Sunderland on December 1 last year.

Newcastle Crown Court heard a witness told police the sound of the impact was "horrific", "something that will stay with him forever" and the victim was left with "blood gushing from his head".

The injured man was taken to Sunderland Royal Hospital and was "in and out of consciousness" for a number of days.

Bradley Bute.

He suffered a collapsed lung which required a chest drain, needed a blood transfusion, had lacerations to his scalp, forehead and cheek, had a wound to his elbow and a large haematoma to his head.

The victim said in a statement: "I have lived independently since the 1970s, I've never asked anyone for anything and have always been willing to offer a helping hand to anyone if they need one.

"However, due to my injuries, I'm having to rely on other people to do everything for me.

"I am struggling to even walk around my flat.

"My day to day life is going to be really hard over the next few months."

CCTV footage, which was played in court, showed the victim had reached the half way point of crossing the road when Bute's car, which the witness said was travelling over the speed limit, swerved into the wrong lane and hit him.

Bute, 24, of Tudor Grove, Sunderland, admitted causing serious injury by dangerous driving.

After the smash he left his car, "began shouting at the victim" then drove off.

Judge Edward Bindloss jailed Bute for ten months and told him: "The first incident of bad driving doesn't seem to have given you the shock you needed".

The court heard Bute handed in references to the court which describing him as an "upright, caring person with good moral character" who is willing to helpothers.

Jamie Adams, defending, said Bute, who has a good work record, was "shocked, horrified" after he hit the pedestrian and is a young man who is "highly thought of".

Mr Adams said the pedestrian was hit after a "momentary" swerve and it was not a prolonged piece of bad driving.

Bute has been banned from driving for three years and five months.