Pictures show 'trashed' education centre after Sunderland burglar stole thousands of pounds worth of equipment

This is the damage an ‘appalling’ raider caused to a further education centre in Sunderland when he stole ‘trashed’ the place and stole tools, laptops and computer monitors.

Thursday, 6th February 2020, 12:40 pm
Updated Friday, 7th February 2020, 2:52 pm

Anthony Kirtley left Learning Curve Group’s construction academy in Sunderland with loss of income £8,000 after smashing his way inside and stealing computer equipment and joinery tools.

But the brash 30-year-old inadvertently left behind a blood-stained tissue and a cupboard door smeared with his DNA at the premises on Pallion Industrial Estate.

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He left a blood-soaked tissue at the scene

Kirtley, of Cossack Terrace, Sunderland pleaded guilty to two counts of burglary and possession of cannabis at a earlier hearing.

A judge has sentenced him to two years behind bars on Wednesday, February 5.

PC Sophie Harkness, of Northumbria Police, welcomed the custodial sentence and said Kirtley should be ‘ashamed’ of his actions.

“This was an appalling crime which caused a huge amount of damage, distress and inconvenience to many people,” PC Harkness said.

He's been jailed for two years.

“Kirtley showed a total disregard for the law and his community as he smashed his way into the centre, which is used by ambitious students to better themselves by learning new skills and gaining qualifications.

“By ransacking the building, ripping items off the walls and stealing thousands of pounds of electronic goods, he deprived others of key educational materials and a number of sessions had to be cancelled because of the extent of the damage.

“In his haste to get away with his crime, Kirtley left behind a tissue stained with his blood which allowed our forensic experts to prove his guilt. He should be ashamed of what he did and I hope those concerned can take some consolation knowing he is now behind bars.”

Kirtley also admitted a separate burglary in relation to a burglary at flat on Lyndhurst Terrace on August 6 last year.

Anthony Kirtley burgled Learning Curve Group’s skills centre.

He now begins a two-year term in jail.

Total loss including damage was £8850.
Anthony Kirtley
He smashed his way into the centre
Detectives found Kirtley's DNA at the scene