Perverted doctor who kept thousands of images of female patients is struck off

A perverted doctor who secretly took pictures and videos of female patients has been banned for life from practising in this country.

By Gavin Ledwith
Friday, 6th September 2019, 3:32 pm
Updated Friday, 6th September 2019, 5:06 pm

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Disgraced Doctor Thair Altaii has been banned from practising in this country.
Disgraced Doctor Thair Altaii has been banned from practising in this country.

After a patient raised concerns about the presence of propped-up mobile phones during consultations at his Sunderland surgery, more than 19,000 images of women – some clothed and others in various stages of undress – were discovered on his laptop.

The Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service (MPTS) has now struck him from the Medical Register after deciding that his “premeditated, carefully planned and executed” offences were a “clear abuse of Dr Altaii’s professional position as a doctor”.

While Altaii did not attend the Manchester disciplinary hearing, he submitted a statement which the tribunal interpreted as an attempt to “justify his actions and apportion blame elsewhere”.

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The tribunal’s concluding report adds: “Dr Altaii’s behaviour is further aggravated by the fact that he sustained his denial of any sexual motivation for his actions throughout his interviews with the police, after his conviction and he continues to do so today.

“This clearly demonstrates a lack of insight on the part of Dr Altaii.

“The tribunal accepted a a mitigating factor that prior to the events that led to his conviction, Dr Altaii had not previously come before his regulator and was of good character.

“The tribunal acknowledged that Dr Altaii has now expressed his regret and apologised to his victims through his statement.

“However, the tribunal has had regard to the fact that notwithstanding the apology, Dr Altaii continues to attempt to justify his actions and apportion blame elsewhere.”

After hearing evidence from the General Medical Council (GMC), which applied for the ban, the tribunal decided that his fitness to practise was impaired and erased his name from the Medical Register.

While the order is only United Kingdom-wide, medical authorities in other countries will be informed of the decision.

Altaii, who remains on the Sex Offenders’ Register until 2028, will remain suspended from practising in the event of any appeal he makes against Friday’s erasure.