Former Sunderland YMCA resident threatened to stab fellow hostel user

A former Sunderland YMCA resident who threatened to stab a fellow hostel user is to be sentenced at crown court.
The case was heard at South Tyneside Magistrates Court.The case was heard at South Tyneside Magistrates Court.
The case was heard at South Tyneside Magistrates Court.

Anthony MacPherson, 23, threw a punch at the man but missed – and then warned, “I’m going to stab you up”.

Police who attended the centre in Toward Road, Hendon, at around 8pm on Thursday, April 29, found him in possession of a blade.

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MacPherson, now of Allesbury Street, Millfield, appeared before magistrates in South Tyneside on Friday, August 6.

He pleaded guilty to possession of a bladed article, assault by beating and criminal damage.

The offender was due to be sentenced at the same court on Tuesday, September 21, but magistrates ruled their powers were not appropriate.

They described the knife threat by MacPherson as “top category” – and rejected the option to punish him themselves.

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Instead, they decided Newcastle Crown Court, which has greater powers of sentencing, should deal with him.

Prosecutor Niamh Reading said MacPherson first approached another resident and demanded money but was unsuccessful.

She added that he then turned his attention to a second man, and told the court: “He approached the victim and kicked him.

“He clenched his right fist and attempted to punch him, but he didn’t connect.

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“He asked the victim outside to fight and said, ‘I’m going to stab you up’.

“The victim went to his private room, and police were called, and on their arrival, staff pointed out the defendant.

“They told officers that he may be in possession of a knife. He was detained and a knife was found on his person.”

Magistrates were also told MacPherson caused £80 of damage to a police station cell mattress after his arrest.

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They heard the starting point for possession of a bladed article in a public place is 18 months’ imprisonment.

And it was said MacPherson’s crimes put him in breach of a suspended prison sentence, imposed in January last year.

Anna Metcalfe, defending, told the bench that she did not oppose any move to move MacPherson’s sentencing to crown court.

He was granted unconditional bail to be sentenced on Tuesday, October 19.