Connor Brown murder: Watch murderer Leighton Barrass storm down Sunderland alleyway with knife in hand seconds before stabbing teenager

Horrifying CCTV footage shows the moments before ‘wonderful’ Connor Brown was fatally stabbed while enjoying a night out in Sunderland city centre.

Tuesday, 10th December 2019, 2:35 pm
Updated Wednesday, 11th December 2019, 2:38 pm

Storming down the back lane brandishing a knife, CCTV shows killer Leighton Barrass in the moments before the fatal attack which robbed a Sunderland family of their ‘happy and kind’ 18-year-old.

He is closely followed by Ally Gordon who assists and encourages him in the senseless attack.

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Leighton Barrass pulls away from Chloe Ganley who had attempted to stop the defendant.

The footage, which is taken from a CCTV camera in the back lane, captures the end of the altercation between Barrass and Gordon; and Connor's friend Stephen Nunn.

The court heard Barrass, of Hartside Square, had tried to sell drugs to Mr Nunn but when he declined the 20-year-old asked to swap two £5 notes for £10. Instead, Mr Nunn says Barrass only gave him £5 and became aggressive. Feeling threatened, Mr Nunn says he punched Barrass.

The CCTV footage shows Barrass (highlighted in the red circle) fleeing from the altercation, followed by Gordon (in a yellow circle), and Stephen Nunn, who is wearing a striped T-shirt, being held back and calmed by friends – including Connor (in a green circle).

The scene of the stabbing in the alleyway near Park Lane.

The next clip from the same CCTV camera is taken moments later where Barrass is seeing storming back down the lane holding something in his hand – which the prosecution say is the flick knife.

His accomplice Gordon, who was also charged with Connor’s murder but found guilty of manslaughter, can also be seen on the CCTV footage making his way down the alleyway alongside Barrass.

Barrass claimed he had only returned to the alley to scare off Mr Nunn – but witnesses said they heard him threatening innocent members of the public shouting ‘I’ll stab anyone of you’.

Chloe Ganley, Connor’s friend and neighbour, steps forward in an attempt to stop Barrass, pushing him into some nearby bins but he pulls away and storms off camera – followed closely by Gordon.

Seconds later he appears again with a knife in his hand, before heading back towards Connor.

It is the prosecution’s case that when he first goes off screen Barrass is involved with an altercation with Connor – where it is possible he may have been first stabbed.

Footage taken seconds later, which was shown in court but has been deemed too graphic and sensitive to be released, shows a further altercation between Connor and Barrass come crashing to the ground near the bins. It was the prosecution’s case that Connor is also stabbed again at this time.

Gordon can then be seen kicking Connor while he is on the ground.

Connor Brown

The jury heard Connor returned to his feet but collapsed due to blood loss. He had suffered five stab wounds – one which entered his heart.

Emergency surgery was carried out by paramedics on the street as they desperately tried to save the teenager but he sadly died in hospital less than an hour later.

The pair are due to be sentenced tomorrow.

Leighton Barrass is held back by Chloe Ganley. Ally Gordon is behind (left) with his hood up. Inset: Leighton Barrass
Leighton Barrass is escorted away by police