Burglar left with ‘broken leg’ after jumping from upstairs window when police arrived

A burglar was left with a "broken leg" when he jumped from the upstairs window of a house he was raiding after the police arrived.

Officers had attended an address in Easington Lane after reports it was being burgled at around 10pm on May 22 last year.

Newcastle Crown Court heard burglar Dion Johnston was injured in the fall from the first floor of the house, which already had a boarded up window after being burgled the day before, and was found in a nearby garden.

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His accomplice, who also jumped, got away.

Newcastle Crown Court.

Prosecutor Ellen Wright told the court: "Police attended following reports of burglary.

"The defendant had accessed the property by removing boards from a rear window, following a break-in the previous day.

"Police arrived at the scene.

"A passer-by informed the police that two people had jumped from the upstairs window.

"One person ran off. The defendant was located in a nearby garden, with an ankle injury. According to the pre-sentence report, I think it was indeed a broken leg."

The court heard Johnston told police: "My mate pushed me out of the window and ran away. I can't believe he got away like."

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He was then taken to hospital for treatment to his leg.

Nothing was taken from the house.

Johnston, 21, of Wordsworth Ave, Easington Lane, admitted burglary.

He also admitted burgling another house in the town on October 23 2021, burglary of a bungalow development in January last year, where he stole tools worth £6,269 and threatening to damage property, in relation to his mother's car, after she refused to give him money on May 19 last year.

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Mr Recorder Anthony Dunne said Johnston has made positive changes in his life since the last offence and has found full time employment so deferred sentence until March so he can "prove the progress is sustainable".

Johnston was told he must abide by conditions to stay away from drugs, do his best to continue in employment and also to save up some compensation before the next hearing.

The judge warned him: "If you succeed and comply with the conditions I will not sentence you to an immediate term of imprisonment. If you don't comply or if you have been convicted of another offence then I will have no alternative but to sentence you to immediate custody."

Johnston will be back before the court on March 24.