Cow's about this? Bride to have bovine as guest of honour at wedding

A Sunderland bride-to-be is set to have an 'udderly' crazy wedding day.

Friday, 4th March 2016, 9:17 am
Updated Friday, 4th March 2016, 9:21 am
Jess Petty with Jess the cow,

Jess Petty loves all things cow related and it was her dream to hand milk one.

In a bid to fulfil her mission, earlier this year the 24-year-old called up Metro Radio who had launched a feature to help listeners tick things of their little bucket list.

Her random request was broadcast live on air and few days later presenters Steve and Karen accompanied her to a Northumberland farm so her dream could come true.

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However, Jess, who ties the knot with Gareath Drennan at Derwent Manor Hotel in Allensford, tomorrow,has just been told a calf from Free Range 180 Milk Farm in Stocksfield - who is called Jess in her honour - will also be turning up to her big day.

Jess said: “The whole wedding is designed around my love of cows and when I visited the farm I joked that it would be great to have a few cows as guests on my big day. It was a throw away comment and never thought any more of it.

“To get a call this morning from Steve and Karen to tell me the calf of the cow I milked is coming along is a dream come true. I can’t wait to meet her and yes of course she will feature in the official photos; they’ve even named her after me!”

Her husband to be, Gareth Drennan, isn't as mad about cows as Jess but is happy to comply with the theme as he commented: "Anything for an easy life is my view, she always gets her own way in any case. The rest of the guests are in for a big shock when they see a young calf outside the hotel, but then again they might not be too surprised as they all know she is crazy!"

Karen Wight from the Metro Radio breakfast show said: “We’ve had some strange requests for our bucket list feature; everything from ringing the bells at Durham Cathedral to announcing the departing trains at Central Station but this topped them all. Organising this surprise for her wedding was the least we could do; we can’t wait to see the pictures.”

Victoria Hany from the farm said: “We named the calf Jess after her biggest fan and she has been shampooed and cleaned in advance of the big day. It will be a surreal experience for all of us. If we can make her wedding day dreams come true, then why not!”