Couple's Valentine's Day 'surge of energy' enough to power Sunderland for two months, claims British Gas

Romantic couple's getting read for Valentines' Day harness a surge of energy which is enough to power Sunderland for two months, British Gas number crunchers claim.

Monday, 11th February 2019, 15:37 pm
Updated Tuesday, 12th February 2019, 03:05 am
Picture from Pixabay

While not everyone celebrates the occasion, research from the energy giant estimates the surge of energy used by couples getting ready for Valentine's Day dates will be in the region of 92.9GWh of electricity – that’s enough energy to power every home in Wearside for sixty days.

The average couple getting primped and pampered ahead of a date uses around 14kWh[1] of energy, the equivalent of powering an average home for nearly a day and a half, British Gas said.


That means the average person getting ready uses just over 7kWh of gas and electricity – that’s enough to make more than 500 cups of tea.

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How else power is used, according to British Gas

:: Choosing the perfect venue for a Valentine’s Day date is important, but all of that researching and making a reservation on a laptop uses the same amount of energy as charging a smart phone three time.

:: Washing, blow-drying and straightening/curling your hair uses around 0.7 kWh of energy, the same amount as powering a Smart TV for 28 hours.

:: The most energy-intensive part of getting ready for a date is making sure you are dressed to kill. A one-hour cycle in the washing machine and an hour drying clothes in the tumble dryer uses around 2.1 kWh. That is the equivalent of making 152 slices of toast.

British Gas Smart Energy Expert, Jim Kelly, who installs smart meters across Sunderland, said: “Valentine’s Day is one of the few days in the calendar where couples really go all-out for some quality time together. And people go to a lot of effort to make sure they look good for those dates, too!

“When you’re getting ready for your dates this Valentine’s Day, it’s worth thinking about how much energy you’re using. Simple tips like having a shower instead of a bath so you’re not wasting energy on heating up excess water can make a big difference.

“Smart meters are a great way of keeping your gas and electricity usage in check. They come with a smart energy monitor that shows how much energy you’re using in pounds and pence, in near real time. This helps put you in control of your gas and electricity use and spend, so you can focus on what really matters – having a great night with your partner.”

British Gas has installed more than six million smart meters in homes across Great Britain. British Gas customers with smart meters save on average £30 by using less energy.

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