Councillor sorted it

I am resident of Fulwell and need to tell you about the help of the great help of our local councillor, Margaret Beck.

For more than two years​ I have been trying to get the council to fit goalposts on the field behind Primrose Crescent.

After repeated attempts to local councillors who would promise me this and that then not return my phone calls, Margaret stepped in and decided to help me.

Last Friday, council workers fitted two goals to the field and the kids in the area were straight out after school to play. Over the weekend around a 100 parents and children were playing on the field, enjoying the weather.

It is amazing how a simple thing like goals on a field ​can bring kids away from the​ Play Station and Xbox. This will also keep kids fit.

Although other ​councillors are saying they were involved in the project, it has been Margaret who has made this all possible.

Neil Thirlwell