Collabro release charity single in aid of Hurricane Irma victims

Washington-born Jamie Lambert and his fellow band members from Collabro are releasing a charity single in aid of children affected by Hurricane Irma.

Lighthouse will be released on Friday, with all proceeds from the sales going to Save The Children’s Emergency Fund in the wake of the natural disaster.

It’s a cause close to the musical theatre group’s heart after band member Michael Auger was caught at the centre of the most powerful hurricane ever recorded in the Atlantic whilst on holiday.

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After witnessing the terrible destruction first hand as Irma hit the Caribbean island of Saint Martin, Michael has joined bandmates Jamie, Matt Pagan and Thomas Redgrave in pledging to make a difference.

The band say Lighthouse – which was co-written by the band and Ben Adams of A1 – is a message of being a shining beacon of hope and help.

Michael, who is now back in the UK, said: “The devastation left in the wake of Hurricane Irma is truly heart-breaking for the people of the Caribbean and Florida.

“I know I was very lucky to escape unharmed but there are many thousands of people who have lost everything and will feel the effects of this disaster for years to come.”

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Jamie, from Rickleton, who rose to prominence with the band after they won Britain’s Got Talent in 2014, said: “After what Michael went through, and the terrible pictures we’ve all seen on TV of the devastation wrought by Irma, we wanted to do something to help those affected by natural disasters like this, around the world. We have decided to release Lighthouse as our first ever single and give all proceeds to Save The Children.”