Coca-Cola bottle 'most iconic packaging'

The Cola-Cola glass bottle has been voted as the most iconic packaging on the UK's shelves.

A study of 1,500 Brits exploring the influence of packaging and branding on shopping habits found that one in six people thought the Coca-Cola bottle was the most identifiable in terms of packaging.

Indeed, it was deemed to be just as recognisable without its logo or the product itself.

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The research, commissioned by Easyfairs, organisers of Packing Innovations and Luxury Packaging London, found the Toblerone triangular chocolate bar finished as a close runner up, with Marmite’s glass jar rated as third-best-loved product packaging.

Beauty brands, such as the Tiffany Box and the Chanel No.5 Bottle just missed out on the top ten.

Coke’s success has been attributed to its targeting younger audience, with one in five Millennials selecting the bottle as the most recognisable pack product.Pringles’ iconic cylinder tube, fourth on the overall list, was the Millennial’s second favourite.

The study also revealed barcodes as the greatest packaging invention, ahead of more traditional items such as the cardboard box (21 per cent) - although the younger generation, 18-34 years, voted for 3D printing and re-sealable zips as its top two.

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Gerry Sherwood, Event Director for the Easyfairs’ Packaging Portfolio, who commissioned the survey, said: “Millennials have officially passed Baby Boomers as the largest generation in history, and are more personally connected to their favourite brands than ever before. It is therefore not surprising to see 3D printing come out top in our poll for this age group.”

Top Ten Most Recognisable Brand’s Packaging

1. Coca-Cola Bottle

2. Toblerone Triangle

3. Marmite Jar

4. Pringles Tube

5. KFC Bucket

6. Heinz Ketchup Bottle

7. Fairy Liquid Bottle

8. Apple’s iPhone Box

9. Walkers Crisp Packet

10. Amazon Box