Chris Coleman warns Sunderland players 'you're in or you're out' and says 'nothing good came from a comfort zone'

Chris Coleman has warned his Sunderland players that he will move them on if they don't buy into his plans.
Coleman gives his support to the 'For Bradley' campaignColeman gives his support to the 'For Bradley' campaign
Coleman gives his support to the 'For Bradley' campaign

Coleman met his players for the first time on Sunday and led a training session ahead of Tuesday night's clash with Aston Villa.

The 47-year-old told that he has more than enough in the squad to get out of the current predicament but that he would not tolerate 'shrinking violets'.

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He said: "We all defend, we all attack. I had a chat with the players this morning and said that is for other people outside to talk. It is about getting three points and winning, that’s obvious, but what we need to do is focus on performances.

"It is about accountability, very very simple. We all attack, we all defend, we all work with each other. You’re in or you’re out. If you’re committed you’re in, if you’re not you’re out. You can’t pretend, we’ll find out pretty quickly.

"Whoever is not will go and play football somewhere else, if this challenge is too big for them they need to move on. We don’t need shrinking violets that’s for sure, it’s not about talent, that’s never enough. We’ll find out soon enough who wants to take the next step with Sunderland, once we do that we can start planning and moving forward.

"You look at the league and where we are and it is a daunting challenge, but one we’re capable of."

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Coleman will be familiar to some of the players from his time at Wales and says it is crucial that the whole squad buys into his vision.

The new Sunderland manager hinted that he is fully aware of the difficult scenario he is entering, smiling wryly as he said that 'nothing good ever came from a comfort zone'.

"It’s nice to know one or two faces, they’ll know me," he said.

"It’s not really about whether players like you it’s whether they respond to you, they respect what your gameplan and vision is, that they want to work in the culture you’ve created.

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"For my first day there’s a lot to think about, a lot to ponder, but there is also a lot to look forward to. I’m not sitting here thinking ‘dear me’, on the contrary I’m excited, because of the size of the task and the club it is a bit daunting but that keeps me on my toes.

"I know one thing, nothing ever good came from a comfort zone and I’m not in a comfort zone at Sunderland, I know that."

Coleman has been lauded for his man management skills during Wales' extraordinary run to the semi finals of Euro 2016, and says that only through sticking together in tough times can that be replicated.

He said: "You earn togetherness and you earn team spirit through sticking together in tough times.

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"You don’t get it when you’re 3-0 up on a sunny day, everyone is friendly then aren’t they. You don’t get team spirit by going out and having a few drinks either, that kind of spirit is fleeting. It is coming through tough times, then you find out who sticks their head above the parapet and who shrinks away.

"We weren’t always in semi finals with Wales. We were getting our backsides slapped once or twice, me in particular, falling flat on my face, nearly losing my job, but you find out who is around you then.

"We may have some tough times ahead of us and that is where the togetherness comes from. A club of this stature, if we can get it going then there is really, really exciting things that can happen here."