Chris Coleman on his Sunderland backroom staff and whether he will make changes

Chris Coleman arrived at Sunderland with assistant Kit Symons, but he is yet to decide on the make-up of the rest of his backroom staff.
Robbie Stockdale.Robbie Stockdale.
Robbie Stockdale.

The 47-year-old says if there is an opportunity to bring in some fresh faces he won’t be afraid to do just that but insists that doesn’t mean those already at the club don’t have a part to play.

First team coach Robbie Stockdale was in sole caretaker charge following Simon Grayson’s sacking and Billy McKinlay’s decision to team up again with David Moyes at West Ham United.

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Goalkeeping coach Adrian Tucker also remains at Sunderland and both Stockdale and Tucker have been helping Coleman and Symons settle in.

When asked about his backroom staff, Coleman said: “It is unsettling for people when a new manager comes in but I can only be honest and say it is something I have to look at.

“Something I will have to judge for myself. I have some people who have worked with me.

“They know what I like and what I do and if there is an opportunity to bring in some fresh faces, then I will not be afraid to do that but that is not to say that anyone who is already here does not have a part to play. “I am sure they will be conversations I will have down the line. If you keep doing what you have always done, you will get what you have always had. It is obvious we need to change.

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“If I feel that is changing a couple of faces, then I will do that. But again, that will not be in the next 48 hours.”

Coleman had spoken with close friends Kevin Ball, club ambassador at Sunderland, and former Black Cats defender Andy Melville before taking the job.

When asked if either of those could be involved, Coleman said: “Andy is doing a good job for Northampton in the scouting department. I couldn’t say he’s coming to work here, that would be unprofessional. He sent me a nice message.

“I have known both for a long time. Kevin is a hero, here he loves the club.”